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The Ford Town and Country was a very cool car. You could call it a station wagon if you will but it was still all cool. There was nothing better than taking your family on a long ride through the country side but could haul so much more. You could haul some small furniture, groceries, plants, even hay bales. It was perfect for the person who didn't want a truck but still needed the ability to move some things and heck, you could even put stuff on the roof rack! Besides, trucks of the time didn't have the ability to carry more than three people (it was hard to fit two) and the Town and Country could tow as well. Many a racer used it to haul their hot rod to the track. The Town and Country rode really smooth and was a dream to drive around town and of course across the country too. Hence the name! Of course you got the best Ford had to offer in the drive train department. Their eight cylinder engines of the time were legendary in the power and economy realms. You have the Town and Country to thank for the modern day SUV.


But you know, you probably had a bunch of rowdy kids sitting in the back when you were driving the Town and Country and the stock radio just didn't have the oomph or clarity you needed drown them out but now you have choices and you should start with Custom Autosound. They have all the radios and speakers that the Town and Country could ever need. They have updated technology that far surpasses anything the stock radio could offer. If you get a system from Custom Autosound you'll never have to hear those crazy kids again and isn't that beautiful?