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 Back in the day the Packard was a top of the line auto manufacturer. They had wonderful lines that were almost regal in appearance. The Packard was built when cars were made of metal not nasty plastic and were built big, really big. You could take your family and the neighbors family to anywhere you could possibly think. The Packard was extremely dependable and also extremely powerful with its big straight eight engine. The Packard was known to win a race or two in its day. You could always count on your Packard to get you through anything, snow, rain or gloom of night the Packard would get you where you were going and do it with style. Many a Hollywood star or starlet was seen around town in their Packard. It was the utmost in luxury and it rode like a dream. If you had a Packard you were living the high life. Of course if you're driving a luxury car like the Packard you want it to have everything including the kitchen sink but the Packard like many an early classic car really lacked in the radio department if it even came with one. So what should you do with that Packard you own? You get over to Vintage Car Radio and checkout their long list of stereos that are built specifically for you. They carry the latest and greatest in the industry like Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, Out of Sight Audio, RediRad and Stereo Conversion. Not only do these radios sound amazing they also install with minimal hassle which means more cruising and less wrenching, which is always a very nice thing. So if you have a Packard and you want to bring some modern technology to it go to Vintage Car Radio and get that Packard going right.