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Not a lot of people know the name Packard. There are hundreds of car manufacturers that have went under since the beginning of the automobile. Some manufacturers went down the sinkhole because of money, bad ideas, bad decisions, etc.; some just couldn't keep up with the technology. Packard made its debut in the late 1800s and closed its doors in 1958, so it had a good run to say the least. The Packard was always considered a luxury model since it began all the way up to its demise. One thing you could say about the Packard they were always big. I mean you could haul the local high school football team and the cheer leader squad. The Packard was the rare luxury car that the so called average man could afford. They kept the price down but the styling was top dollar. When you were driving a Packard you looked like a million bucks. Everything that Packard did screamed luxury and the styling was top notch they did not skip on chrome and big eye catching features. The Packard motor company went from the 'wood wheel' era to the so called modern car era. Even when the company partnered with Studebaker they were still producing the big car but money became too big of a mountain to climb and the Packard became no more. Of course the Packard was in its heyday when a car with a radio was considered a luxury so you know if you own one now you desperately need an upgrade in the audio department. The good men and woman at Custom Autosound can set you up with an amazing radio system. Not only do they come with the latest technology they also sound unbelievable. The instructions are easy to read and the results will make your Packard just amazing.