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Twins are odd thing that happens to us humans. These are two people that look exactly alike but are completely different. When their young even their parents will dress them the same, apparently just to screw with the rest of the world. When they are identical it’s really hard to tell them apart unless you know them really well so stop making it harder on us! Now what does this have to do with cars? Everyone knows the Chevelle. It’s considered one of the top muscle cars of the era; especially the big block powered '70 SS. That was one of the baddest of the bad. It had everything going for it, horsepower, looks and just an all-out mean attitude. But when someone says Malibu most people haven't even heard of it even though it’s basically the same freaking car! Everything interchanges. Body parts, suspension parts, trim pieces; essentially it’s the Chevelles twin! See I finally got around to it. The Malibu had everything going for it like its big brother the Chevelle. You could order it with any engines and even some of the colors. It drove the same, it looked the same but it did cost a bit less. It was seen on the dragstrips around the country just as often as the Chevelle but most people just assumed it was a Chevelle but nope, the Malibu was just as bad as big brother, it just wasn't noticed as much.


But even though the Malibu had everything going for it, it did fall short in one area, the radio. It could almost pick up stations and was as underpowered as a Yugo, so what should you do? Contact the good folks at Custom Autosound and upgrade today! Custom Autosounds units bolt in with minimum fuss and sound amazing when done.