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When someone looks up the word iconic in the dictionary you'll see a picture of the Ford Mustang. The only thing close to the Ford Mustang when it debuted in 1964 was the Pontiac GTO but lets be honest it didn't catch the public eye like the Mustang did. When the world saw the Mustang jaws dropped everywhere. It had the long nose, the thin body line and just sat right. Not to mention how it drove. People everywhere flocked to the dealer to take a ride and boy did they enjoy it. The Mustang jumped off the showroom floor and an American icon was born. As the Mustang grew up it got bigger and badder with big blocks and four speeds and terrorized not only the tracks across the nations but the stoplights weren't immune to the charms of the Ford. The Mustang was a cruiser and a bruiser. You could go out for a night on the town or take to a dragstrip or a road course and the Mustang would be happy either way. Now that the Ford Mustang was entrenched in society and there was a model in every garage there was only one problem. Even though most people were happy with just driving the Mustang a lot of people wanted to listen to their favorite tunes but the stock radio just wasn't up to the task. So what do if you this American classic? You head on over to Vintage Car Radio and checkout all the latest and greatest car radios for your Mustang. They carry all the great brands like Antique Automobile Radio, Custom Autosound, Ken Harrison, RediRad, Out of Sight Audio and Stereo Conversion. These radios sound amazing and install with ease. You'll wonder why you didn't head over to Vintage Car Radio sooner!