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There comes a time in every man or woman's life that they want to stray away from the humdrum life. They get sick of the everyday strain of doing the same thing over and over. Going to work or taking the kids to school all the time can get old. Especially when you have to take the same boring vehicle to and from wherever you're going. The family mini-van does its job well but lets be honest, its not exactly something that you dreamed of as a kid. No one ever had a poster of a mini-van on their wall growing up. No one went to the store, ran to the Hot Wheels section and prayed for a min-van or station wagon. But something kids did dream about was a sports car. The sports car was everything that you wanted as a kid and now that you're adult you really want it. One of those cars was the Opel. Thousands of kids and adults wanted to cruise in an Opel. It had everything you wanted in sports car. Great engines, great handling and lines that were like nothing else on the market. No one could beat an Opel and now that you have kids to take care of an Opel can make everything better. Of course now that your use to the qualities of the modern car its kind of hard to go back to old technology. With the Opel you got all sorts of cool modernisims but the radio ain't one. So what can you do about it? You head on over to Vintage Car Radio and checkout all the great radios from Custom Autosound. Radios like the USA-1, USA-230 and USA-630 all have incredible sound and are built to outlast your Opel. You will not find a better radio for you classic car then a Custom Autosound radio.