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The Ford truck is the backbone of America. No country was built without a lot of work. People had to get products and building supplies from one place to another and once the truck came about the old horse and buggy were things of the past. You could get things to the workplace faster which meant you could get your projects done faster and all this is thanks to the truck and the Ford truck is one of the most popular ever built, specifically the F150. It started as the F1 then the F100 and finally the F150. But no matter what you named it, it was one of the best built trucks ever. Ford always knows how to build great trucks and they build them in huge numbers. There isn't a year going back to the thirties that the Ford truck wasn't at the top of the selling list. People trusted the Ford logo and the trucks never let them down.


Now you own a Ford truck and it hauls everything you need from lumber to groceries to the kids to school, what more do you need? Well how about a decent stereo! The Ford truck was built with toughness in mind and the radio was very low on the list so it isn't the greatest. So what should you do? Get a hold of Custom Autosound and check out all their radios that not only fit perfectly but are also easy to install. Seriously, a baby could not only read the instructions they could install it to! There is no cutting up your pricey dash and did I mention how great it sounds? Custom Autosound has the highest quality standards in their productions. They do rigorous testing to make sure you won't let be down when you start hauling in your Ford truck.