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Ken Harrison

Sometimes in the automobile world cars get over looked. Whether its because they aren't as flashy as others or the name isn't as snazzy they just get passed by. The Buick Skylark was on of those cars. It had all the lines and all the power as the other muscle cars of the day but it just didn't catch the public's eye. Maybe it was he unique looks of the Buick Skylark that got ignored. It had a beauty all its own. The great thing about the Buick Skylark was that it shared the chassis of the Chevelle and Cutlass so it had a great underpinnings to build on. The engines that powered the Buick Skylark were very underrated from the small block to the big block. There was some serious power being used under the hood. The cool thing about the Skylark was that you could use it for everything from the an everyday driver to a weekend cruiser. Take notice of the Buick Skylark, you'll be glad you did. Now that you've finally taken notice of the Buick Skylark, you'll want to drive it all the time. Its perfect for picking up the kids or even going to work but there is something lacking that ruins the average classic car. Its the classic car stereo horror. The factory radio is just plain awful but what can you do? I'll tell you what to do, you move on over to Vintage Car Radio and get yourself a Ken Harrison radio. Ken Harrison radios are at the top of the heap when it comes to classic car stereos. They are build to last and the sound will knock you on your butt. They install so easy you'll wonder why you didn't do it before. Get to Vintage Car Radio and buy yourself a Ken Harrison radio now!