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Repro Radio Power Inverter

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Repro Radio Power Inverter



Vintage Car Radio has led the power inverter by providing a turn-key solution to merchants, distributors, and OEMs. We provide our customers with a consistent and trustworthy source of unique power products at a steady and competitive price. Our line of inverters, custom cut tables, transfer switches and exclusive products speak for one of the largest selections in the business. Power inverters offer reliable safe solutions for structure purposes, audio equipment, amplifiers, satellites, computers, medical tools, and more. Through Vintage Car Radio product inventory, RVers, boaters, and commercial truck sites and fleets can access consistent power supply that simplifies their power needs on the road. Here at Vintage Car Radio we carry a large range of inventory of inverters and realize that choosing the right inverter can be a difficult task. Power output and battery power are two factors that are critical in selecting the right inverter. That is exactly what Vintage Radio Car Radio offers.


Positive ground power inverters


Power inverters 12-volt DC power to standard domestic 110-120-volt AC power that allows you to run AC electrical equipment off your vehicle for mobile applications emergencies or just simply facilitates use.


The right inverter sizes


Power inverters come in various sizes that are measured in watts. The amount of wattage fully depends on the device you are trying to use. For instance, home appliances show their wattage on the product itself. To define the wattage can be calculated by using the following formula: Volts x Amps= Watts.


Typical applications


Power inverters usually under 300 watts can be connected to a vehicle's battery through the DC plug on your vehicle dashboard. Or they could even come with jumper cables to connect directly to a battery. Inverters usually have one or more outlets to power laptops, portable DVD players, small screen TV’s, and many other devices. AC and DC power inverters are ideal for camping parks that do not provide electricity. Power inverters are generally more economic power that can run items under 1000 watts which makes them suitable for appliances such as DVD’s, VCR’s, TV and more.


Positive ground 6V-12V converter


PGPI- 6V-12V converter for vehicles with a 6V positive ground electrical system. All our radios run on a 12V negative ground system. This device is not necessary if you are still running o positive ground. It is highly recommended to use the MEM MOD memory module in connection with this device to preserve your presets. If you don’t use the memory module you could lose all memorized stations when the vehicle is turned off as it will not have a 12V continuous supply.




Will work 12V negative ground accessories on 6V-8V positive ground systems. Can supply more than 3.5 Amps with engine turned offCan supply 5 Amps when an engine is on. Efficient design can only draw 10 ma when no load is fixed. Not recommended for electromechanical gadgets, activated door locks




A positive ground voltage booster


This will run a digital 12-volt radio in a 6-volt vehicle and will work 12-volt negative ground fittings from 6, 8, or 12-volt positive ground systems. Is not recommended for fans, blowers, power windows, power activated door locks, air conditioners, and other electromechanical gadgets.



Our Power Inverters and Voltage Boosters are not intended to run motors, solenoids, ignition coils, door locks, lights, fans, trailer brakes, power antennas, power seats, wipers or other inductive loads.



Operate modern 12 volt negative ground accessories from positive ground 6, 8, or 12 volt electrical systems! Our Power Inverters are very small (1'"'1'"'1'"), lightweight (only about 9 oz), quiet, and extremely efficient. They use a common ground, so isolation is not necessary. Current draw is negligible when no load is applied (quiescent current is about 10 milliamps), so they are ideal for memory maintenance or alarm systems that must be left on for long periods of time without discharging the vehicle battery. Overload and Reverse Polarity protected for long reliable life.

Possible uses include: Radar Detectors, CB radios, Mobile Phones, Modern Stereo Radios, Alarm Systems (Control only), CD and Cassette Players.




Model # PGPI-HC


Input Voltage

- 4 to -16 volts

Output Voltage

+13.8 volts

Maximum Output Current - 6 volt systems:


- 6 Volt input (engine off)

2.1 Amps continuous duty

- 7.2 Volt input (fast idle)

2.5 Amps continuous duty

-12 Volt system

4.0 Amps (min),
4.7 Amps (max) continuous duty




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