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RediRad  $129.00 

Collector Cars and Music

Do you love your collector car and also want to enjoy your favorite music when you go for a drive? What if you could use the original radio and enjoy your favorite music at the same time, for hundreds less than either radio replacement or conversion.

At last, you can enjoy the music from a CD player, iPod®,Sirius/XM® satellite radio, cassette player, or a simple portable FM radio without removing or modifying the original AM or AM/FM radio! Here’s how…

Your Tunes on Your Terms
Enjoy your favorite music anytime from any portable music player using your unmodified original radio!

RediRad™ benefits include…

Made in USA
Easy Installation
Universal Design
Excellent Customer Service 
60-day Money-Back Guarantee
Save Hundreds Over Conversions 
No Interference from Broadcast signals
No Removal of or Modifying the Original Radio
Compact Size Makes Mounting Out of Sight Easy

…The RediRad™ offers all that and much more.

Easy to Use
Once installed, the RediRad automatically detects signal source. To listen to your portable music, simply turn on the radio, tune it to 10 on the AM dial, plug in your media player, hit play and ENJOY!

Try it Risk Free

We make the RediRad™ experience RISK FREE. Order one for yourself and see: In addition to having 60 days to ensure your satisfaction, the RediRad™ also includes a 12 month comprehensive parts and labor warranty. And since RediRad™ is manufactured and supported in the USA, we believe the product quality and customer service you receive will exceed your expectations.

Nothing Aftermarket, Hundreds Saved
Have it all; an unbeatable price that maximizes collector value using a universal interface. Crank it up and enjoy the drive!

The RediRad™ is availble in FIVE versions:

  • Negative-ground 12 volt (model RR100-N)
  • Positive-ground 12 volt (model RR100-P)
  • Positive-ground 6 volt (model RR106-P)
  • Negative-ground 6 volt (model RR106-N)
  • And the all new RediRad-FM for ANY vehicle with an FM band radio.

Finally, there is a music player adapter that works seamlessly on the AM band using the radio from virtually any pre-1985 car or truck. Enjoy! Your collector car or truck retains maximum value because the original radio remains completely intact and functional. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars to modify it or replace it with something aftermarket.

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