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RetroSound Exile Battery Keeper 6/12 Volt Charger w/LED Bat. Mtr  $59.95 

 RetroSound Exile® Battery Keeper™ 6/12 Volt Charger w/ LED Battery Monitor




There is nothing worse than getting ready to go for a drive in your vintage ride and finding your battery is dead. With the Exile® EX-1 Battery Keeper™, you will never feel that disappointment again. Exile® stands apart from the crowd, with the first battery charger made with your classic vehicle in mind.

The EX-1 Battery Keeper™ is perfect for anyone who doesn't drive their vehicle every day. It offers four-stage charging: 1) a diagnostic stage to read battery status; 2) a primary charge stage; 3) a finishing charge stage; 4) a “battery keeper” stage, which maintains battery charge without “gassing” or over-charging the battery, greatly increasing battery life.

You will always know your battery’s condition at a glance thanks to the LED battery monitor included with the EX-1. The Battery Keeper™ is IP65 water and dust resistant, so it can be mounted permanently in any vehicle next to the battery – just unplug it and you’re ready to drive. Low back-current drain means the EX-1 will not drain your battery when it is not plugged in. The Battery Keeper™ also features reverse polarity protection, fault protection in case of a short circuit and “no spark” technology to prevent sparking when attaching it to your battery.

The EX-1 is user-selectable between AGM (gel cell) and standard/maintenance-free batteries, and works with both 6 volt and 12 volt systems. Two quick connect harnesses -- one with battery clamps and one with O-rings -- are included, as is a stylish Exile® carry bag. With the Exile® EX-1 Battery Keeper™ you will have the peace of mind of knowing your vehicle’s battery will always be ready when you are.

RetroSound Exile Battery Keeper 6/12 Volt Charger w/LED Bat. Mtr    
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