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1970 Mustang LED Taillight Euorpean Kit - MP-E6070-UB-DLX  $419.95 

1970 Mustang LED Taillight European Kit
 Item #MP-E6070-UB-DLX
ALL NEW Improved design!
European style turn signals for your Mustang. All LED super bright technology. We have applied our unique patent pending technology to create an amber turn signal section for your classic Mustang with no car modifications! That’s right you don't have to cut holes or add extra light fixtures to get street legal in many European countries and in Australia.
Each kit comes complete with two LED ( Light Emitting Diode ) modules ( one for each side ) special lenses with amber section and electronic flasher module. Get brighter safer lighting in less than 15 minutes to install. Only Mustang Project produces this unique product. We ship worldwide via. USPS! Lenses included for BOTH sides ( not shown ).
Our NEW improved design works as follows: 1) With brake applied and no turn signal active. Two inner sections light full bright red. 2) With driving lights ON and no turn signal active. Two inner sections light to half bright red. 3) With driving lights OFF and turn signal ON. Outer amber section blinks on/off for turn signal indication. 4) With driving lights ON and turn signal ON. Outer amber section blinks ON/OFF. Two inner sections stay lit to half bright red. 5) With brake applied and turn signal ON. Two inner sections are steady bright red the outer amber section blinks.
This kit requires that you drill a small hole in the back of your lamp housing for an extra wire that connects between each lamp housing. These wires are easily added in the trunk of the car and provide perfection operation under all circumstances! If your car is equipped with 4 way or so called emergency flashers you will need an extra electronic flasher. in emergency mode all red and amber lights will flash together. Order MP-FLA-CLICK .

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