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1967 Camaro Saddle Console  $119.95 

Product Description:


  • Fits model years: 1967  Camaro consoles Only
  • Item Code: GMCAMS67
  • Models: Coupes, Convertibles with a factory console
  • Fits onto factory installed console
  • Storage compartment with flip lid
  • Two extra large size drink holders

The 1967 Camaro was the first model ever made. Though these first model release years often become classics, there are often shortcomings to them that the creators could not have foreseen. Driving this initial release of a Camaro can be a joy knowing that you are driving a piece of American history. However, there are certain annoyances drivers don’t realize can easily be fixed.


Are you looking for more stage space or cup holders while you’re cruising in your classic Camaro?


The Camaro Saddle console is your answer! Featuring 2 King Size cup holders and extra, greatly needed storage space. This incredible addition to your beloved Camaro is made of restoration grade vinyl and is surely available in a color to match your beauty.


This console is made specifically for the 1967 Chevy Camaro. Your factory storage compartment becomes a hidden compartment for storing valuables out of site. Access the factory storage compartment simply by lifting up the Camaro Saddle console.


Installation is fast and simple!

NO TOOLS NEEDED--------simply slip the Camaro Saddle console down over the factory console and slide forward.


Going to a show? -----remove in seconds for that original look. -------Reinstall for Cruising


Features at a glance:

*Chrome trimmed cup holders

*Felt-lined storage compartment

*Easy installation

*No tools needed

*Turns original center console into secret storage

*Registration/Insurance or map hideaway

*Available in colors to match any custom paint

*Product built proudly in the United States of America


There is no need to check any dimensions, measure or prepare anything. This is guaranteed to fit the 1967 Chevy Camaro, but ONLY that model in that specific year. If your model does not fit his criteria, please locate the side-bar on this website to easily locate upgrades that are appropriate for your vehicle!


Comes with:

1) Two King Size Drink Holders

2) Storage Compartment

3) Arm Rest


Directions to secure the Camaro Saddle Console with Valcro strip:

1) Slip the Camaro Saddle Console down over the factory console

2) Slide the console forward

3) Enjoy!


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1967 Camaro Saddle Console  
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