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1964-1977 Chevelle/El Camino Full Bench Seat console  $99.95 

Product Description:

 The BC Cruiser™ console is designed to fit the contour of Chevelle bench seat cars from 1964 to 1977.
Installation is fast and simple with a nylon strap under the seat which cinches down to the front of the console.

Comes with:
  • Large Cup Holders
  • Storage Compartment
  • Arm Rest
Going to a show -----remove in seconds for that original look. -------Reinstall for Cruising

Are you looking to upgrade your Chevelle or El Camino from any of the years between 1964 and 1977?


The BC Cruiser™ is a semi-universal after market center console and cup holder combo that is designed to fit the contour of Chevelle and El Camino bench seats from 1964 - 1977. No more trying to set a drink or a cup on the seat and risking a spill. This negates that one little problem of driving a lot model or vintage vehicle that was made before cup holders became a standard feature on vehicles. It provides a great armrest too!


Installation is fast and easy with the included nylon strap that cinches down to your seat from the bottom of the console. It can be removed easily if you are attending a car show.


Features at a glance:

*Chrome trimmed cup holders

*Felt-lined storage compartment

*Optional attachment strap

*No installation required

*Registration/Insurance or map hideaway

*Works for both front and rear bench seats

*Available in colors to match any custom paint

*Product built proudly in the United States of America


Please check the dimensions of your vintage Chevelle or El Camino’s bench seat to make sure that you find the product that’s best for you. Remember to look to this website’s sidebar to quickly navigate our products and determine what you are most interested in



Length: 18 inches

Width (across cup holders): 11 inches

Width (across storage compartment): 8.5 inches

Height (to top of the armrest pad): 7 inches


Comes with:

1) Large Drink Holders

2) Storage Compartment

3) Arm Rest

4) Nylon Attachment Strap


Directions to secure the Full Bench Seat Console with nylon attachment strap:

1) Remove wound strap from storage compartment, unwind and locate the end

2) Snake the strap down between the bench seat and backrest

3) Retrieve strap from under the bench seat and bring to the front

4) Bring strap up and attach to the opposite underside of the BC Cruiser


This is one of the best inventions to help make cruising in your Chevelle or El Camino more enjoyable. In a couple of minutes, you can add a cup holder, storage compartment and padded armrest to the front bench seat of your Chevelle or El Camino.


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1964-1977 Chevelle/El Camino Full Bench Seat console  
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