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1968-1969 Mustang Plug & Chug Drink Holder  $39.95 

1968-69 Mustang Plug & Chug Drink Holder


  • Fits model years:
  • Models: Coupes, Convertibles, Fastbacks
  • Two standard size drink holders
  • Fits into seat belt slots
  • New Two Tone Option

Do you have a 1968 or 1969 Ford Mustang? The Mustang’s popularity drove continuous updating as the model years passed on, yet nearly all of these improvements went to somewhere other than the interior.


The 1968 model year saw revised gas caps, side scoops, the addition of side marker lights, and the availability of a new 4.9L V8 engine. Next year, the 1969 model added further to the trend of bigger and bigger Mustangs, receiving even more size increases to the overall length and width of the car, to go along with general body restyling to give the model a more aggressive stance than most other Mustangs ever designed. This appearance was amplified by a head light change that only this one model of the first generation years had, “quad headlights.”


1969 also brought a major expansion in feature package offering. But again, all of the upgrades were to exterior things like hood scoops and spoilers, or to increased engine power packages, such as the Mach 1, Boss 429 and Boss 302. These two boss models remain to this day some of the most powerful racing packages ever released. The purpose was to build rapport with professional racing to use these ford engines, yet they became much more popular as is on the street inside the Mustang Boss frame.


So, when you’re out cruising in one of these bigger, badder first generation, you might be missing something in the cockpit with you because so little attention was paid to its interior features.This very inexpensive product provides two upgraded cup holders to the interior of your Mustang by affixing to the seat belt slots.



*Fits model years: 1968, 1969

*Body Styles: Coupes, Convertibles, Fastbacks

*Two standard size drink holders

*Fits into seat belt slots

*New Two Tone Option



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