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1955-19567 Thunderbird Plug & Chug Drink Holder  $39.95 

1955-1957 Thunderbird Plug & Chug Drink Holder
  • Two standard drink holders
  • Fits into the ash tray tracks in the dashboard
  • Fits years 1955-1956


After Chevrolet unveiled their new sports car, the Corvette, the Ford Motor Company got to work on something to match it. What they ended up with is not a direct competitor, as Ford themselves referred to the class of the Thunderbird as a personal luxury vehicle, but it maintained a similar two door, two seater, often convertible body style, and was also generally painted in flashy, two-tone color schemes.


These cars were not designed for their performance or speed, they were simply made to be quality cars with top comfort features. Yet, as time has gone on, no matter how advanced a car from that time was, modern car standard features are miles ahead.


So, we have products such as the Thunderbird Plug & Chug Drink Holder, made for Thunderbirds of the model years 1955 - 1957. This product is totally inexpensive, but adds some major utility and convenience value to those days when you’re cruising in your classic T-bird.


This dashboard adapter device takes advantage of your most likely never used ash tray, and uses the pre-existing tracks as latch and base to support two cup holder additions to the dashboard. This means that there is virtually no installation, and no permanent alterations to your classic vehicle whatsoever.



*Two standard size drink holders

*Instant installation

*Instant removal

*No alterations necessary

*No tools necessary

*Available in 30 colors

*Restoration grade vinyl

*Fits into the ash tray tracks in the dashboard

*Fits years 1955-1956

*Product built proudly in the United States of America


There really is almost no downside to this product. Because of its low cost and availability in colors surely to match your T-bird, it won’t stick out like a sore thumb, but rather blend into the classic feel of your vehicle, while bringing some modern car features to the dashboard.


Directions to secure the Dashboard Plug & Chug Drink Holder

1) Remove old ash tray drawer

2) Slide in the Plug and Chug Drink Holder completely

3) Enjoy!


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