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1987-1997 Mustang Plug & Chug Cup Holder  $39.95 

Product Description:


  • Fits model years: 1987-97
  • Models: Coupes, Convertibles
  • Two standard size drink holders
  • Fits into ash tray opening in factory console
  • New Two Tone Option

If you have a third or fourth generation Mustang, this product might be right for you. By taking advantage of the seldom used ash try in vehicles today, this after market upgrade device literally replaces the ash tray drawer, turning it into the base support for a convenient two cup holder addition to your factory dashboard.


For Mustangs between the years 1987 and 1997, this inexpensive and extremely cost efficient product can solve the minor problem of these cars interiors that truly makes much more of a positive impact that you could ever expect.


It’s clear that for modern cars cup holders have become much more than things for holding drinks. With the prevalence of GPS navigation systems, MP3 players and cell phones, cup holders have turned into device holders as well!


Whether this product does not fit the make and or model of your classic, vintage or late model car, or you are just looking for something that will provide even more benefits, please remember to browse through relevant products to you, or even explore all the different options we have by using the list of makes and models on the side bar of this web site.



*Fits model years: 1987-97

*Body Styles: Coupes, Convertibles

*Two standard size drink holders

*New Two Tone Option

*Available to match any factory paint color

*Simple installation with factory installed ash tray track

*Restoration grade vinyl

*Product built proudly in the United States of America


There is really almost nothing to lose with this product because of its economical pricing in congruence with the long lasting utility you will gain from having it installed in your car, all while it is taking advantage of an unused ash tray.


Directions to secure the Dashboard Plug & Chug Drink Holder

1) Remove old ash tray drawer

2) Slide in the Plug and Chug Drink Holder completely

3) Enjoy!


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