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Custom AutoSound USA-230 In Dash AM/FM 100

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Product Description

Custom Autosound USA-230
We at Vintage Car Radio Company pride ourselves on the many years of experience in the manufacturing of classic AMC car radios. Our expertise in the field has made us build a trustworthy reputation with our clients. Do not worry if your vehicle has the oldest radio. We do upgrades, replacements, ensuring that the Radio fits well in the original dash location. The most recent upgraded make of the radio is; USA-230. It is a Custom Autosound make for classic AMC vehicles. Vintage Car Radio company is that a call away to deliver to your satisfaction. With us, you must stay trending with your AMC vehicle.
The Custom Autosound USA-230 Radio features a stereo FM-AM working mode. It is designed with a rear auxiliary input that has a 1/8 pin jack that serves to effect connection with other devices. The rear auxiliary input functions to connect with other devices such as satellite radio, iPod or even other devices that have a headphone jack. By this, the devices will play through the speakers of the ca, and you get to listen to your favorite tunes. It also comes along with a 200 watts power and a digitized clock. You do not have to keep resetting clock since it is ever set to keep you always in time.
The radio also features an electronic tuner installed. The electronic tuner enhances the functionality of the already set sixteen radios stations which have 12 FM and 4 AM stations. It has scanning feature to bring you a variety of stations for you to choose. USA-230 radio comes with a four-way fader installed two at the back and two and the front, to separate bass and treble. Also, it has four-channel RCA pre-outs jacks at the rear part of the radio. It is also endowed with powerful wireless antennae which provide a grand reception of either AM and FM frequencies. Look no more than Vintage Car Radio Company to get the latest Custom Autosound USA-230 radio for your AMC vehicle.
Our CUSTOM AUTOSOUND USA-230 IN DASH AM/FM for the AMC is the successor of the USA-630, and is a model which has been launched because of the humongous success of its ancestor.






  • Stereo works on FM-AM mode
  • Voltage capacity of 200 Watts
  • Rear Auxiliary Input with the pin jack of 1/8’
  • Digitalized clock
  • Electronic tuner
  • Pre-sets of sixteen radio stations with 12 FM- 4 AM
  • Four channel pre-outs of RCA
  • Fader of four way
  • Powerful wireless antenna



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the depth of the Radio? 

The depth of USA-1 is around 7” whereas the depth of USA-630 and USA-230 is 6.5” respectively. 

 Will I be able to use my original knobs? 

Our radios come with a split shaft, whereas the original radios are of “D” shaft. If you want to use the original radios then you can remove the insert and then install the split shaft metal piece. 

Is there a harness available with the radio? 

Our radios come with a completely new wiring harness that can be easily connected with the vehicle’s electrical system. 

Is there a Faceplate available with the radio? 

We don’t provide a Faceplate with the radio. Our radios are mounted in the vehicle right from the backend of the dash. 

Where can I find the Auxiliary Input? 

You can find the RCA auxiliary input at the backend of all the radios. Cable has been included in the radio and we have focused on keeping the classic style of the radio upto the mark.

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