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Repro Radio Negative Ground Voltage Boosters

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Repro Radio Negative Ground Voltage Boosters
For 6 or 8 Volt negative ground systems, provides 13.8 volt negative ground output from a 4 to 10 volt input. Small size (1'" X 1'" X 1'"), lightweight (only about 9 oz), quiet, and extremely efficient.
Vintage Car Radio is a professional company that sells and installs the freshest Antique Automobile Radio Negative Ground Voltage Boosters. We have been in the industry for the last twenty years. Therefore, ensure that you shop with us every time you need radio parts installed on your vehicle. Here are some of the features included in this unique gadget.
The gadget can run the latest twelve-volt negative ground devices from the positive ground. For instance, it can operate the six, eight or twelve volts rated electrical appliances. The inverter is very small in size. It is (1’’’X1’’’X1’’’). Its weight is also insignificant as it weighs only 9 oz. You can also purchase the negative ground voltage booster from us since it is enormously efficient. There will be no isolation required as they use a common ground.
The model of the ground voltage booster is NGVB-HC. With this device, you can generate a maximum current of over six volts when the engine is switched off. Else, with a continuous duty, it is possible to output a current of between 3.7 amperes and 5.0 amperes. Besides, when the engine is running swiftly, it is possible to generate a voltage of about 7.2 volts.
When there is no presence of a load, the current draw is insignificant. Thus, the voltage booster can be ideal to maintain the alarm systems that are left for prolonged periods without drawing a charge from the car’s battery. It can also be useful in the maintenance of the vehicle’s memory. For the booster to have a longer life, it is protected against an overload as well as a reverse polarity.
However, it is important to note that our Antique Automobile Radio Negative Ground Voltage Boosters is not intended to be operational on solenoids, motors, lights, motors, ignition coils, trailer brakes, fans, power seats, power antennas, wipers, and several other inductive loads.
Model # NGVB-HC

Maximum output current:


+ 6 Volt input (engine off)

3.7 Amps continuous duty

+7.2 Volt input (fast idle)

5.0 Amps continuous duty


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