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Aurora Design Newsletter - Product Updates April 2021

Aurora Design Newsletter - Product Updates April 2021

Posted by Brad on Apr 6th 2021


April 2021

Product Updates:

FMR2.8a: The FMR has been updated with a couple of new features, both pertaining to the optional pushbutton. First, when installing a pushbutton jack on a base FMR installation, the FMR now has the ability to partially control the pushbutton LED so the wiring of the jack has changed slightly. Please refer to the technical manual for complete details. 

Second and more important, the final new actions that were added to the FMR, namely the adjustable EQ is now available from the optional pushbutton. While you could always select between Loudness Off / Loudness On / EQ, you can now enter the EQ adjust mode by simply holding the pushbutton down when you select EQ mode. You can then scroll up or down through the EQ settings with a single or double push of the button. This feature also applies to the adjustable AVC level. The FMR is now fully configurable using normal control actions and now pushbutton actions. 

There are no changes to the installation or Setup of any of the boards. 

New technical manuals, user manuals and Quick Start guides are posted to the website. 

Always be safe! Never text and drive. Do not become distracted with the radio when driving. Become fully familiar with the operation of the radio before using it on the road. 

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