Aurora Design Newsletter - Product Updates April 2022 #2

Posted by Brad Dassow on Apr 7th 2022

Newsletter April 2022 #2


BT-3.0/BTL-3.0: Since the BTL-3.0 is targeted at cost and size sensitive installations, there is a hidden feature that may be beneficial to some radios. For customers who are only interested in Bluetooth A2DP support(Audio DistributionProfile), meaning music and audio playback, and are not interested in HFP support (HandsFreeProfile), meaning phone calls and digital assistants like Siri©, or for radios where adding the microphone is not desired, HFP support can be disabled so the radio will no longer intercept these functions. This feature is also available on the BT-3.0. It is not currently enabled on the BTU-3.0 but can be if there is enough interest. 

Setting the operating mode of the Bluetooth interface is similar to performing a regular reset of the interface. Immediately after turning the radio on, enter the Version action either through the volume control or the pushbutton. While the radio is announcing the Version, quad twist the tone control one way or the other to enable/disable HFP support. The radio will announce Bluetooth Reset HFP or Bluetooth Reset NHFP to confirm the action. You can then pair a phone to check for correct operation. This feature will not be documented in the user manuals.