Aurora Design Newsletter - Product Updates February 2024

Posted by Brad Dassow on Feb 29th 2024

FMR Connect™ 1.1.3

Product Updates:

The FMR Connect™ App has now been approved and is available on the Google Play Store! The direct link to the App can be found on the website under the Apps tab or by doing a search on the Store. 

This release also brings some minor updates. The highlighting of enabled/disabled controls was changed to work better with the various phone OS’s and display schemes. 

A Virtual Tone control was added for radios lacking a physical pot/ rheostat completing the Apps full control over all virtual operations of the radio.

FMR wiring harness:

We have gone to a new supplier for the main wiring harness. The new assembly will contain the nylon P-Clip, screw and bi-color LED. These will no longer be in a separate bag in the shipping box. These use the same high quality, spiral striped GXL wire and molded fuse holder.


Several years ago an anti-pop circuit was added to the subwoofer line output of the FMR since most automotive subwoofers contain simple amplifiers without proper power sequencing. Unfortunately many external automotive amplifiers also lack proper power sequencing that can result in a distinct “pop” when turning the radio on or off. There are several methods to reduce or eliminate this that all required external circuitry.

To help eliminate this situation, a feature has been added to the FMR-3.0.18 firmware that handles proper power sequencing to the external amplifier. By redefining the Lamp output that is typically used to drive a stereo lamp indicator, this output can be configured as the trigger source for the external amplifier. In this way, the FMR provides all the proper sequence timing.

A few things need to be considered when using this feature. The output can only be configured for Stereo Lamp or External Amplifier Trigger not both. Also, the output is targeted specifically to control external amplifiers and is thus limited to 250ma, which is more than enough for any amplifier trigger input. If for some reason you need more current you will have to supply an external MOSFET or relay.

The Blue wire in the harness can be connected to this pad rather than the Switched Battery pad for this purpose. The next build of FMR’s will have the pad for this output enlarged for easier assembly of the 18ga wire.