Aurora Design Newsletter - Product Updates November 2021

Aurora Design Newsletter - Product Updates November 2021

Posted by Brad Dassow on Nov 19th 2021


November 2021

Product Updates:

BTU3.0.1 / BT3.0.1: 

The firmware in the BTU and BT have been updated to better coordinate with newer cell phones. Both devices now broadcast that they are part of a car audio system. The phone can then use this information to determine how it wants to handle this situation, such as not allowing texting while driving. When first pairing the phone it may ask if you want to share your contact list with the radio:

As the BTU/BT have no way of utilizing this information you can answer Don’t Allow. If you do answer Allow, nothing will be different as it will just transfer this information to the BTU/ BT which will just ignore it. When the phone determines you are driving, the screen may look something like this:

As long as you use the radio controls, the system will work as it always has. If you attempt to use the phone while in this mode it may shown a screen like this:

This will allow you to override the lockout if you need to. If someone tries to text you in this mode, an automated response will be sent to them that you are driving and to try again later. Most phones will attempt to determine if you are driving or not using various methods in the phone. You can select whether you want this to be automatically determined or you can manually enable it using the car icon in the Control Panel:

The examples shown were using an Apple iPhone® running iOS14. Your phone may differ so consult the manual for your particular phone. BTU’s in the field can be updated by flashing the new code available in the dealer area of the website.

Always be safe! Never text and drive. Do not become distracted with the radio when driving. Become fully familiar with the operation of the radio before using it on the road. 

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