Aurora Design Newsletter - Product Updates November 2022

Posted by Brad Dassow on Nov 10th 2022


November 2022

Product Updates:

 FMR3.0.12 / BTU3.1.2 / USB3.0.7:

The FMR3.0.12 / BTU3.1.2 / USB3.0.7 have been updated to allow the FLASH ROM on the digital radio daughter card (HD®/DAB) to be upgraded in the radio just like the rest of the FLASH devices. This will allow newer firmware from the vendor to be loaded if required. Newer DAB firmware has been supplied by the vendor at this time, but we will not be changing to it for future builds. You can ask for a copy if interested. (you can always FLASH back to the existing firmware if desired).

A FLASH Procedure document has been posted to the website to assist in the updating process. 

The technical manuals have been updated as well as a new firmware file posted.

Question: Is there any interest in a feature to turn off all user speech while leaving Setup speech in place? The reason for this would be for vehicles going for formal judging where they don’t want any speech ever when the radio is in operation. I would envision this being only a dealer option and not settable by the user. Let me know if there is any interest.

Feedback: On further examination, simply defeating the Voice Assist would not achieve the desired authentic radio experience as the virtual controls could still cause the radio to act in a non original manor, i.e. loudness on/off, etc.. Also, not having Voice Assist for Bluetooth would be catastrophic. What I think would achieve the desired result is leaving Voice Assist alone and defeating the virtual controls. This way the radio controls would act as original never invoking any Voice Assist message but all functionality could be retained through the optional pushbutton if desired.

Always be safe! Never text and drive. Do not become distracted with the radio when driving. Become fully familiar with the operation of the radio before using it on the road.