BTU Smart Demo

Posted by Brad Dassow on Jan 29th 2024

Also, some are having trouble understanding the pairing / connecting process. Pairing and connect Smart is exactly the same as Classic. When you put the radio into pairing, it opens up pairing for both. You can pair either one or both, in any order. Once they are paired, the phone will always try to reconnect to the last connected radio and likewise the App will always try to connect to the last connected radio. If the radio is not on or in range, they will each try a few times and then move on to any other radio that has been previously paired. In this respect, they both operated exactly the same. The one difference is while this happens in the background on Classic, we show you this process in the App. When you first launch the App it will attempt to reconnect to the last radio. If the radio is off or not in range the App will alert you to this and then start trying any other radios that are in the paired list. 

This is where I think any confusion is coming from. As a dealer, if you pair and connect several radios and don’t change their name or delete them from the paired device list, they all default to “Aurora Design BTU Smart 3.2.x” so as the App starts going through the list looking for a radio, it keeps displaying the same name, but for a different radio. If you’re testing a new radio, just cancel out of the reconnection dialog and pair and test the new radio. I would suggest that you don’t leave dozens of radios all with the same name in the device list. Either rename them for the customer or delete them. Either way this is the exact same process Classic has always gone through, you just didn’t see it happening.