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Chevy made some great classic vehicles

Posted by Brad on Jun 22nd 2021

There is no doubt that Chevrolet could build great cars and trucks. The ones from 1955 to 59 for trucks and 1955 to 58 for cars were unique and had great lines to them. They also had a lot of power that took you where you needed to go.

The one thing those vehicles lacked was a great radio. The stock version was good for its era but in today’s highly technological world, these older vehicles need a highly technological radio.

That radio is the Retro Manufacturing’s Retro Sound Apache. It is one of the most technological radios for these old classic cars and trucks. Plus, this radio comes with the Chevrolet Block Vintage Dial screens that give this Apache radio that classic radio dial look.

Technology for the ages

That basically describes this Retro Sound Apache model. No matter which classic year your Chevy was made, this radio has the technology to make it rock with great sound. Not only are there 30 preset FM & AM radio stations to tune in there are 3 EQ presets to make sure that sound is just right. The 12 AM and 18 FM stations should bring your classic vehicle top-quality sound.

Then the 245-watt amplifier makes sure that sound comes through loud and clear. with two input jacks, you can add a couple of portable devices to broaden your listening experience.

Other features include the ability to tune in international stations, separate antenna and amplifier controls, volume, treble, bass, fader, and balance controls. On top of those features, you have the digital clock that gives time in 12 or 24 our notations. A one-year warranty provides you with component protection under normal use.

Wait, there is more

What makes this Retro Sound Apache so great for your classic Chevrolet is that you can upgrade it and get even more technology. Those upgrades create an even better listening experience.

In the new package, you can get a 32,000 color LCD light display. You shouldn’t have to repeat colors at any time when using that feature. Then you have built-in Bluetooth capability that provides you with hands-free operation as well as wireless streaming.

If that is not enough to convince you to move up in class, the rear USB port allows you to attach your WMA, MP3, and FLAC devices to play your digital music files. There are also two RCA outputs helping you to fine-tune your sound and many more features to list here.

Move on up in the world

You do not have to change your car or truck to move on up. All you have to do is change your radio to the Retro Sound Apache. With all of the above features at your fingertips, you will be seen as classy and in style no matter where you live.

Your classic Chevy cars and trucks from the 1950s deserve the best as they are some of the finest classic vehicles you can own.