KHE 1966-67 For A Classic Nova

KHE 1966-67 For A Classic Nova

Posted by Brad Dassow on Jan 11th 2022

What was once introduced as an everyday man’s economical car, quickly became one of the 60’s most embraced muscle cars. The Chevy Nova

The 1966 and 67’ Nova was no exception. You remember tearing up the roads in your lightweight classic with a 327 Turbo fire engine blazing past speed limit signs with 350 horsepower. Now it’s time to bring back those Chevy Nova memories with a KHE-300 by Ken Harrison from Vintage Car Radio. The KHE-300 isn’t just a radio with a CD Player, it’s a way of life, a way to bring back the classical sounds of the 60’s you loved most. The KHE-300 is Custom designed to fit your factory dash.

  • The four way fader control and the separate bass/treble controls allows you to adjust the settings as you wish. The Pll synthesizer digital tuner and automatic antenna power lead bring about the best sound clarity you can ask for.
  • To match the power of your 66-67’ Nova, all KHE-300’s come equipped with 200 Watts of power output (4x50).
  • You get 6AM/6FM presets with extended buttons, to help manage your favorite stations, a manual up and down tuning, as well as seek/auto scan for easy tuning.

If you want to bring jams along, the KHE-300 has a front USB input for either your IPod or MP3 Player. A front Mini SD card reader, with abilities to connect any device through the RCA pre-out, and rear Auxiliary inputs. KHE-300 is equipped with Bluetooth Wireless Streaming for added convenience.

  • Light up the dash with the sleek LCD display with blue illumination, and clock time/frequency selector.
  • The KHE-300 for your classic 1966-67’ Nova is a vintage look with modern day technology for the best in sound performance.