Product Updates: FMR 3.0

Posted by Brad Dassow on Sep 3rd 2021


August 2021

Product Updates:


  • The FMR3.0 is here with several new features and changes to the pcb that will make the FMR3.0 even easier to install and more powerful than ever before. The overall size, Setup and operation remain the same. And just when you thought there was no way to add additional I/O pads to the FMR, several new functions have been added.
  • All programable devices on the FMR (firmware and speech ROM) are fully updatable through the USB port on the BTU/USB options. The FMR, BTU and USB are now fully updatable installed in the radio.
  • A dedicated ComLink (LNK) pad is now provided to connect to the BTU/BT/USB option cards. You no longer connect option cards to the SEK pad as this is now only used for signal seeking radios. Likewise, the SEN pad is no longer connected to the option cards but directly to the FMR3.0. Connect the LNK pad to the SKO pad on the option card. (This nomenclature will be updated on future releases of the option cards).
  • New 3.0 firmware for the BTU/BT/USB allow connection to the FMR3.0. The SKI and OPT pads on these cards are no longer used with the FMR and should be left unconnected. Standalone operation for the BTU/USB options has been removed. Standalone operation is retained on the BT. If a BTU/USB needs to be used with a FMR2.8 or prior its firmware can be flashed to an earlier version.
  • A full function pushbutton is now supported including individual LED control. This option can fully control the FMR and any attached option card. The pushbutton pads on the USB option will eventually be eliminated as well as the PB jack on the BTU might be eliminated on a future release.
  • The VOL/TON pads have been moved next to the PWR/GND pads for easier wiring. The CB pad has been moved to the other side of the board and the internal fuse removed. Shorts on the CB pad may now open the external 10A fuse.
  • Increased quality of Voice Assist speech.

  • Increased quality of Voice Assist speech.
  • Added Voice Assist for remaining functions like AVC and Tube Emulation. No beep tones are used for any controls. The pads for the digital radio option cards have been better grouped together. Currently they use a 4 pin header, a 2 pin header and two 1 pin headers. This will remain true until the existing stock of DRH1/DRD1 boards are used up. The new design DRH1.1/DRD1.1 boards will use two 4 pin headers for easier installation. (Note the 8V pad used on the v1.0 cards has moved to the lower pad).

New technical manuals, user manuals and Quick Start guides are posted to the website.

Update on global electronic component procurement:

Things have continued to deteriorate in the component market. Lead times for common parts have gotten as bad as 70+ weeks and prices have continued to increase. We are well positioned with our stock and our suppliers for the next 9-12 months and will continue to attempt to forecast future availability as best we can. Unfortunately we will need to bump the price on a few items with more to follow if things don’t get better. Always be safe! Never text and drive. Do not become distracted with the radio when driving. Become fully familiar with the operation of the radio before using it on the road.