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RetroSound Daytona Radio

Posted by Brad on Jul 5th 2021

Are you a car fanatic who needs to add in your Chevy, or Pontiac a forefront audio tech? Then RetroSound Daytona from Retro Manufacturing is the digital audio match you're looking for, an advanced tech-savvy radio. Your classic GM will receive a fully integrated SiriusXM-Ready Tuner, which you can directly connect to other plugs and cables of SXV300 (bought separately). Daytona features a variety of things and without wasting much time, let's dig into the feature details next.

Daytona Radio Specifications

Compatibility & Design

Vehicles that fit the RetroSound Daytona include those of 1967-1977 GM. Their dash blends well with the easy installation of Daytona's compact-sized design. The unit has a fixture of two non-permanent shaft knobs to decide to space from the radio's chassis. Dayton illuminates a variety of over 32,000 colours on its LCD. You can conduct a unit scan to customize or adjust the colours you want and their brightness.

Bluetooth Option

Daytona can wirelessly connect to any device which is close to its receiver and is Bluetooth-enabled. The two units can automatically connect through an auto-connection option. You can stream songs and play via Bluetooth or even answer calls via the control knob found at the front panel on the head unit.

Dual USB Ports

It has Two Type-A option USB ports located on the chassis of the RetroSound Radio receiver. You can connect your portable MSC class storage devices instantly, and it will automatically start to function.

Control Buttons

The radio has various control buttons which you can use to operate essential functions when playing music. They include; Intro Scan, Random, Skip Track, Pause, Repeat Track, and Play. Additionally, you can view the music information on your display screen because the radio supports WMA/ID3-tags.

Direct iPod Connection

RetroSound Daytona radio is designed with a high-speed iPhone/iPod uninterrupted connection option when you have an original iPod cable or USB. You can easily navigate your displayed list of information on the iPhone/iPod and charge it if you want. Additionally, the radio supports the display of your compatibility chart of the model features of your iPhone/iPod.

Dual Aux Inputs

Two aux inputs, each of 3.5mm using 7" pigtails, are connected to the rear chassis. External movable audio sources such as a CD OR mp3 player can connect to the radio via the aux inputs. As mentioned earlier, Dayton is SiriusXM Ready. It means that you can buy a SiriusXM SXV300 connector and directly plug it into the radio's head unit to access over 175 subscribed SiriusXM channels.


The RDS AM/FM feature in Daytona is in-built. It displays broadcasted information on the radio like the playing track and name of the artist. The tuner also has 2 AM and 3 AM bands that automatically store around 30FM/AM presets.

Audio Options

Daytona features an active RCA output subwoofer that is adjustable to control the output. It has a 300 watt MOSFET amplifier and an equalizer that can preset Rock, Classic, Off, or Pop EQ curves. Additionally, you can make manual adjustments to the Treble, Midrange, and Bass.

The radio also has a function that allows you to adjust the stereo sound and balance it. Depending on the location of your speakers, it will help you compensate for your position as the driver. Lastly, you can set a default volume when you turn on the radio or adjust it whenever you want.