RetroSound Detroit Radio

Posted by Brad on Jul 9th 2021

Do you need help finding a suitable radio for your mid-60s Falcon, Ranchero, or Mustang? Opt for the RetroSound Detroit radio. The receiver has a perfect fit and design for your classic 1964-66 Ford Falcon ride. The radio comes with standard tech-savvy inputs found on its layout that showcase a yesteryear look with modern features. Read on to get the detailed recap of various features found on a RetroSound Detroit radio.

• Shaft Design

The compact size of the radio allows an easy, discreet installation on the dash of your Ford Mustang. Expect a seamless dash integration that doesn't require the addition of bezels of faceplates. However, you can purchase chrome and block nobs separately.

The shaft knob and display face in the design aren't mounted permanently to the radio unit. A harness connects external knobs to the radio at different distances on the radio's chassis. Also, the LCD's integration illuminates more than 32,000 colour variations. You can preset them when customizing the interior lights of the vehicle. Additionally, you can also adjust the display brightness of the colours.

• Built-in Bluetooth

Built-in connectivity of Bluetooth allows you to stream and play wireless music, receive and also make calls. It will help if you use a phone that is compatible with Bluetooth options. It can either be an Android or iPhone smartphone. However, due to the various Bluetooth models that keep updating and changing, some devices will experience an issue with the radio. It might cause problems due to some Bluetooth features.

• USB Port

This radio has an integration of a type-A USB port located on the rear chassis. You can connect to it portable mass storage USB devices. It automatically recognizes and plays WMA, MP3, and FLAC-related files. The playlist is according to order or creation, and it only recognizes up to 999 songs. Also, you should know that the USB port isn't compatible with Multi-Card Readers or USB Hubs.

• Dual Auxiliary Inputs

There are two auxiliary inputs on the RetroSound radio unit. Each of them is 3.5mm and located in the rear area of the chassis. You can easily connect an external portable audio source via the Aux inputs. It can either be a CD or an MP3 player.

• AM/FM Tuner

It has inbuilt features designed with 2 AM and 3FM band tuners. You can go to the settings and preset 30FM/AM presets automatically or manually and store them. In case of a solid or weak FM connection, you can select the Distant and Local settings to compensate for the signal. The applicable tuner supports both European and USA platforms.

• Subwoofer Control

The unit has an active RCA output that allows output level adjustments between 0-12 on the subwoofer output. Additionally, you can customize the crossover to a low-pass level of either 160Hz, 120Hz, or 80Hz.

• Balance & Fader Control

RetroSound Detroit has a balance adjustment feature, which allows control of the right and left stereo sounds. When in the car, you can compensate for the sound coming from the speaker location, depending on your driving position. The range of adjustment begins from 0-12. Additionally, you can fade the stereo sound speakers by using the Fader Control. The content is also between 0-12.