RetroSound New York Radio

Posted by Brad Dassow on Aug 10th 2021

The RetroSound New York Radio

Are you looking for a high-performance radio for your vehicle? The RetroSound New York radio is an excellent choice. It is manufactured by Retro Manufacturing, a reputable company that assures you of premium-quality products. Besides its advanced technology, this radio comes in three distinct sets.

First Set

The first product features a 1A Laguna motor, which provides you with incredible performance. This motor supports a 275-watt amplifier that helps deliver excellent sound quality. It offers an AM/FM auto tuner that has up to 30 presets. In addition, there is an auxiliary output that supports other portable devices, including iPods and portable satellite radio.

Second Set

You could also consider the second set, which features an AM/FM tuner with up to 30 different presets. This device comes with a built-in 275-watt amplifier, delivering premium-quality sound. Its rear auxiliary output is designed for various portable devices, including iPods. You can mount this radio either remotely or via an extensional cable.

Further, it has a 2A Hermosa Motor, delivering exceptional performance. This motor supports up to a 300-watt amplifier. Its Bluetooth connectivity function allows for hands-free phone calls. It also guarantees wireless audio streaming. You'll also love its 32000-color display, which readily blends into your interior styling.

Third Set

You could also consider its third alternative, which boasts a 300-watt amplifier. This option comes with two auxiliary outputs for portable devices. You could also use its rear-mounted USB port for your flash drives. In addition, it has dual RCA pre-outs for your external amplifiers.

Yet, this product could still come with a Hermosa 4 motor for exceptional audio performance. This motor can support up to two USB ports, a subwoofer output, an RDS tuner, and a SiriusXM-ready function.

Why You Need the RetroSound New York Radio

If you are looking forward to the best radio for your car, the RetroSound New York radio will be your ultimate bet. This device boasts incredible reliability and unmatched performance. It brings to the table various benefits, including the following.

Robust Construction

This RetroSound radio comes with an unrivaled sturdiness. Its premium-quality materials speak to reliability and enhanced durability. The material used will also blend perfectly with your car's interior styling, guaranteeing you class.


The RetroSound New York radio prides itself on a relatively sturdy and high-performance sound system. Its powerful speakers will provide you with the desired level of entertainment.

Value for Money

If you are looking for value for your money, this radio will assure you of optimal value. It is affordable yet long-lasting. It also assures you of a powerful sound. This way, you get optimal service from it.

Final Thoughts

Nothing matches the exceptional performance offered by the RetroSound New York radio. This product is designed to work with various portable devices. Its premium-quality sound will assure you of unrivaled performance altogether. If you are looking for the best car radio, this will be an ideal choice for you in the long run.