RetroSound Wonderbar III Radio

Posted by Brad Dassow on Aug 11th 2021

It is a vital part of the car. Many people focus on the more important aspects of the car when they start to customize their classic cars. The look to upgrading the carb, the exhaust, the traction as well as the transmission and the shifter and more.

Many times they forget to include the radio in their project but Retro Manufacturing has solved that problem by creating a unique radio that is called the RetroSound Wonderbar III.

It is the perfect fit for any customizing project and completes the overall look of the car and enhances all the new features you added by providing the best sound possible. The great part is that you can choose between 3 models.

The choice you get

#1. The Laguna- this is the standard option that is just the bare bones of this great radio series. Not only does it come with 30 pre-set AM & FM radio stations, but it is also powered by a 275-watt amplifier.

Then there is also a rear AUX input jack that connects your portable devices with its power. In addition to that, you can mount this model just about anywhere you want it to go using the optional extension cable. A 1-year warranty covers the components under normal use.

#2. The Hermosa- this is the next step up in this radio series and its main feature is the 32,000 light display at your disposal. No matter what your car’s interior looks like, this device’s display can match it.

Also, it comes with a 300-watt amplifier and has Bluetooth connectivity. You can streamline your audio or handle hands-free phone calls. There is a rear USB port and 2 AUX input jacks that add to your listening pleasure.

On top of all that you have 2 RCA pre-outs to add more amps if you want to. This radio is also covered by a 1-year warranty.

#3. The Long Beach- everything you have read about the previous two options having you will find in this radio model. it is the top-level option you can purchase and it is Sirius XM ready.

Along with that feature, you get 2 USB ports, a 2-year warranty, and the chance to attach the Sirius SXV 300 tuner which is sold separately If you take Retro Manufacturing up on its offer, then you can get a $70 rebate on your purchase.

You also get a 3-month subscription to Sirius XM satellite radio as well.

Upgrade with confidence

Everything you want in a radio is there. The Retro Manufacturing company has made sure that you get a device that will fit your listening needs. Plus, it will fit in with any customizing you are doing and make the project complete.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, go to retro manufacturing or wherever these radios are sold and take one for a test drive. You will see the difference and how important addition it is to your vehicle upgrade efforts.