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Stock radios are hard to find

Posted by Brad on Jun 22nd 2021

Even when you want to, it may not be possible to keep your vintage car original and filled with stock parts. There are just not enough of them to go around. Plus, the sound they make may have been good back in the day but it doesn’t work in today’s world.

That is why you should go modern. Not only can you get the perfect, most technologically advanced radio for your vintage car, you also get the best modern sound possible. That radio is the Retro Sound Long Beach by Retro Manufacturing. This award-winning radio is perfect for your vintage automobile.

The Retro Sound advantage

The advantage is in all the components that combine together that make this radio unique. It is the only one that is made iPod and iPhone and fits into a vintage car. Plus, its Bluetooth capability lets you make and receive calls hands-free as well as wireless audio streaming.

Then you can tune in to roughly 30 preset AM & FM radio stations. The RDS tuner is top of the line and makes sure your radio signals are clear. The push-button styling should bring back memories of those old push-button radios your dad’s car had.

On top of those features, there are 2 USB ports that accept your iPod, iPhone, and a USB flash drive. Or you can use the two AUX input jacks to attach other portable devices. Customize your sound your way.

Yet, that is not all that you get with this radio. There is a 32,000 color display which makes sure you never run out of colors to show off to your friends. Not only that you get a 300-watt amplifier that also works with the two RCA preouts and a subwoofer output that boosts your sounds to optimum levels.

Finally, the patented InfiniMount adjustable shaft system makes sure your new radio fits seamlessly into your vintage dash. It should like it has always been there.

The deal clincher

If you think that is something to consider, the following add ons should convince you to purchase this Retrosound Long Beach Radio. Not only is it Sirius XM ready you can buy the SXV300 Sirius XM tuner and get a $70 rebate and 3-months subscription to the all-access option at Sirius XM.

Then there is the 2-year warranty that protects you if anything happens under normal use. Protection, top sound, versatility, and the right components are all placed in one top-rated, award-winning package.

Your vintage car should not be without it. Once you have it installed, you will be the envy of all your friends.

Some final words

When you want top sound with the first-rate installation, you go with the best. Retro Manufacturing knows how to make their Retro Sound Long Beach radio slide into place and have it look like it belongs.

When you want the best, you go with the best. 2nd best is just not good enough when you want to impress the ladies.