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Fully Automatic Antenna with Switch Kit

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Product Description

Fully Automatic Antenna with Switch Kit


  • Universal fit with chrome masts. Each model is designed to work off the radio's power knob. Can be used as a direct factory replacement or as an upgrade.
  • Every vintage car owner understands that their car sound system plays an important role in enhancing their driving experience and comfort. This is why classic car lovers go to great lengths to ensure that they enjoy quality sound and music. At Vintage Car Radio, we have made it our mission to deliver quality products to you. One such product is our Custom Autosound fully automatic antenna with switch kit.

  • Coming from a reputable company, this antenna offers a universal fit with chrome masts and is also designed in such a way that every model can work off your car radio’s ON/OFF knob. As such, this antenna is an ideal choice either as a direct factory replacement or an upgrade.

Info and specs
Our Custom Autosound fully automatic antenna is designed and made to offer you convenience as well as value for money. Here are its specifications:
  • The under fender requirements are 11 ½, with a cable length of 55 inches and a mast length of 31 inches. 
  • Generally, this custom automatic antenna operates 12-volt negative ground electrical accessories. This means negative electrical systems in the range of 6 to 8 volts. Since maximum output power is a function of input voltage, you can expect it to produce a minimum of 3-1/2 amps whenever your engine is off and you are using it in a 6V system. In case your engine is running at a fast idle, it continuously supplies roughly 5 amps. This product features extreme efficiency in terms of its design, a factor that ensures that the amount of current it draws is negligible if no load is applied. This translates to about 10 milliamps.
Point to note
While you can fit this automatic antenna in your vintage car, you should avoid using it for door locks that are electric-powered, blowers, air conditioner clutches, any solenoid that operates your trunk release, fans, electric windows or any other electromechanical devices.
By contacting Vintage Car Radio, you will purchase quality products and also access expert guidance on how to use them. 


  • Under Fender Requirements: 11 1/2
  • Cable Length: 55"
  • Mast Length: 31

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