Vintage Car Radio

Vintage Car radio has all the good parts when it comes to radios and speakers. Just a few are listed below:
Custom Autosound is one of the leading manufactures in the business. They specialize in classics and restored muscle cars. From their leading radios to their speakers, they have it all. Their products are of the highest quality and are produced to leading industry standards.
Have an old Thunderbird? Then you need to get their custom fitted panels that come loaded with 6"x9" three-way 200 watt speakers mounted in fit black carpeted panel. They fit in the recessed area behind seats, killer sound for a killer price.

How about that cool old Bug? These speakers fit 1957-1977 Volkswagen in the rear package tray and come equipped with 2 Custom Autosound 6"X9" 200 Watt Speakers.

Need something more custom? Like to do your own designs for your hot rod? Than you can start with Custom Autosound 4"x10" Dual Voice Coil Speakers. Since at least 2 speakers (channels) are required for stereo radios, Custom Autosound has developed a speaker system for your classic vehicle that only came with only one mono speaker. These dual voice coil "DVC" speakers will give you the best possible sound and mount in your original speaker location. DVC speakers have up to 70% more cone area than the conventional dual speaker assemblies giving you improved bass response (big thumping sound) and 140 watt power handling. Both stereo channels connect directly to one speaker with dual tweeters. Custom Autosound have brackets that fit most classic vehicles.


Custom Autosound also has a product called the Backseat Driver (no not your mother-in-law). It's available for 64 1/2'-70' Mustangs, 55'- 57' Chevy and Camaro, Chevelle, and Impala models. They come equipped with the Boss 400 watt amp and 2 - 8' subwoofers Panel with cables and wires for easy install and it will fit most classic vehicles. You can't have a complete system without these.

They also have a dual dash speaker(s) that provide stereo sound from the factory mono speaker locations. There are 38 different configurations (seriously, you have to have one of them) available for most classic cars and trucks. The 1000 series speakers replace 'OEM' speakers that are held in place by screws. The 2000 series speakers replace 'OEM' speakers that are held in place by a metal bracket. These assemblies are pre-wired to 'plug in' instantly to our radios, so you really can't screw it up. You can choose from Custom Autosound speakers or try our Kenwood speaker upgrades, both are quality products.

Custom Autosound also has something called “The System” that solves the age old problem of where to put speakers in classics, customs and street rods. Old cars don't have a lot of room for speakers (because they never had them or if they did, only one). “The System” allow you to keep the look of your dash but the good sound that we've come to expect from newer systems. Satellite speakers look like AC vents and can be mounted under the dash, or on the kick panels or wherever you'd like. The options are endless. The woofer is optimally mounted under the seat (your butt will enjoy it) but can be mounted in the trunk if needed. Want more? Who doesn't? You can also install 2 of “The System” in your vehicle for the ultimate sound experience.

Ken Harrison is one of the nicest audio system producers for the classic car market in the world. If you need a solution, they have it. Top quality and unbeatable prices make Ken Harrison the top of the line for your classic ride. You won't do better.

Ken Harrison has the solution for your need for speakers that are dual voice coil and dual speakers that fit original openings. They have one for almost every Classic car out there.
5X7 Dual Voice Coil Speaker
4X10 Dual Voice Coil Speaker
6X9 Dual Voice Coil Speaker

Repro Radios do what the name suggests, awesome radios and speakers for your old car or truck. They work with your classic not against it. Exacting standards go into every product. Nothing but the best for your baby.

Got an old trusty 1947-53 Chevrolet truck and GMC truck? Then Repro Radios has the product for you! They have a speaker kit that mounts in original location using existing mounting holes! It includes dash wiring harness for radio lights, power, and up to 2 additional speakers! It puts two 5x7" quality 3-way speakers in the same opening as the original single 6x9" speaker! All installation hardware and instructions included so you can get major sound in that old truck. It's lived a long life, so give it the best.

Vintage Car Radio knows that the old classics didn't come with the greatest features that we take for granted today so they have the products that will help make your ride more comfortable and more fun. Checkout a sampling of the great products below:

The Chevy Tri-Five Bench Seat Console and Cup Holder brings what is missing with your 1955-57 Chevy and it's designed to fit the contour of Tri-Five front bench seats. Installation is fast and easy with the included nylon strap that cinches down to your seat from the bottom of the console. So you can get back to cruising.

Two King Size chrome trim drink holders.
Felt-lined Storage compartment with flip lid
Secure mounting strap (Optional for installation)
Variety of colors to choose from to match your interior.
With our Chevy Tri-Five cup holder and console, you will never have to worry about balancing your drink on the seat, between your legs or on the floor of your vehicle.
Proudly made in the U.S.A.

The VW bus is one of those iconic vehicles that crosses over many types of people. Young and old, rich and poor dig the little VW bus but what about a drink holder? Well, you have one of these neat rides then you need the VW Bus Dashboard Plug & Chug Drink Holder. It contains two universal drink holders and fits into the ash tray holder. Then your VW Bus will be complete! Available in colors: Black, Brown, Blue, and VW basket weave Black.

NOTE: The VW Drinkvholder is designed especially for the VW Bus and will accommodate virtually all types of soda cans and cups as well as most plastic drink bottles.

Everyone remembers the scene in American Graffiti where Suzanne Somers pulls up next to Richard Dreyfus in a 1955-1957 Thunderbird and he instantly falls in love, right? Well you know what would have made her even better looking? The 1955-1957 Plug & Chug Drink Holder! I mean come on it would have and you know it. 

Two standard drink holders
Fits into the ash tray tracks in the dashboard
Fits years 1955-1957


Vintage Car Radio understands that newer lighting is far better than it's ever been. Having a hard time seeing driving at night is a thing of the past now with the new LED kits listed below.

So you're driving down road at night and it's one of those 'really dark' nights. You know the kind where the road just kind of disappears and the lane markers disappears too, as in scary dark. You figured your headlights in your car are just fine until now. Worse yet, older cars/trucks headlights are notorious for being adequate at best, especially the six volt headlights. So what to do oh fearless driver? Go to Vintage Car Radio for your exterior and interior light upgrades!

Your first checkout should be the Four 5 3/4" Lamp Kit. The complete kit comes with FOUR headlights and fittings. This kit includes our new MP-H4-24-UB lamps for the H4 socket with connecting tabs that fit all standard headlamps on cars with 5 3/4 inch sealed or semi-sealed lamps. The patented LED heat-sink design will provide efficient LED cooling so that the high brightness LEDs can pierce through the light. Over 100 LEDs for each lamp which means over 24 Watts of LED power per lamp. This will improve your night time driving a hundred fold.

The kit also comes complete with four metal and glass 5 3/4 inch housings, four H4 24 Watt LED lamps and rubber insulation covers. The Mustang Project custom heat-sink design provides far superior light output than other lamps and a much longer lamp life. These 5 3/4 inch housings fit all cars and motorcycles with 5 3/4 in head lamp or fog lamp mounting. The round beam pattern is perfect for fog lights and auxiliary lights and headlights for show cars and antique licensed cars LEDs provide less horsepower drag and a great look with a pure white light - not yellow like the old incandescent. Limited lifetime warranty too! You're getting a quality product.

This new design provides over 2400 Lumens per lamp which is far brighter than the original incandescent lamps that were never that great in the first place and they won't heat up wiring like high current halogen lamps or stress your alternator(or generator) as the lamps consume approximately 1/10 the current of incandescent lamps. Designed to DOT standards but not DOT listed. All lamps function in high beam mode. Two lamps will light when low beams are selected. Four lamps will light when high beams are selected. This is the perfect kit if you would actually like to see at night.


LED's are the new wave in automotive and motorcycle lighting. They are brighter, which means you can see and other drivers can see you. The 1955 Thunderbird 12V LED Taillight kit offers a great "Sunburst" effect when the turn signal is active. LEDs light in a solid pattern for ultra-bright brake lights. Glow in a solid pattern and dimmer for driving lights. The stock '55 tail lamps were horrible from the factory, people could 'kind of' see you which you really didn't want so make your T-bird safer with our taillight kit which has ultra-bright LEDs and is much brighter, uses a pigtail that plugs into the original bulb socket and also looks great! . Other than the increased brightness and redness no one will know that these are LEDs, so they won't detract from the classic T-bird good looks. The 6 volt comes as a set which includes the LED rear lamps bundled with an electronic flasher and includes two LED modules, 1 flasher module, instructions and any needed hardware! For 12V Negative Ground systems!

Old cars and trucks are loud so that's why Vintage Car Radio carries the best HushMat products. They will quiet your car down and make it more fun to drive.

The HushMat Ultra Floor/Dash Kit is perfect for your doors and dash. You'll be amazed at how much quieter your ride will be when this kit is installed. It contains twenty (20) 12"x23" Ultra Damping Pads (39 sq. ft. /3.7 sq. mtrs.) and is specifically formulated light weight thermo-acoustic rubber designed for optimum automotive thermal insulation and sound deadening. It's packaged in 20 easy to handle rectangular sheets, which conform to uneven surfaces and can be easily cut with household scissors (if necessary). Each sheet is slightly less than 1/8” thick and light weight at approximately 0.50 pounds per square foot.

The HushMat trunk kit contains ten 12"x23" Ultra Damping Pads (19 sq. ft. /1.8 sq. mtrs.). You'd be surprised at how much noise comes from your trunk. This kit will cut down on exhaust and road noise by quite a lot. It's specifically formulated light weight thermo-acoustic rubber designed for optimum automotive thermal insulation and sound deadening. Each kit comes packaged in 10 easy to handle 1 ft. square sheets, which conform to uneven surfaces and can be easily cut with household scissors. Each sheet is slightly less than 1/8” thick and light weight at approximately 0.50 pounds per square foot.

Your car isn't done until you've checked out the great selection of accessories at Vintage Car Radio. Take a look some of the fine products below.

When you have an old car, you usually have a very cool and distinctive dash so you don't want to mess it up with some big clunky cd player. So the new Slim Size Half DIN CD/DVD-Player is right up your alley and with the modern technology does away with the ugliness of a huge player.

All control is from the buttons on your USA-630/USA66 or Secretaudio radio so it's easy to use.

• Plays CD/CD-R/CD-RW/DVD audio/WMA/MP3
• Small enough to hide under the seat or in glovebox 
• ESP Electronic Shock Protection 
• Repeat/ Program/Random/Intro Function
• Multi-Angle Playback
• Last Position Memory
• Dimensions: 7"wide x 1" high x 6-3/4 deep

The Fully Automatic Antenna with Switch Kit can be a cool touch to your custom car. It's a universal fit with chrome masts. Each model is designed to work off the radio's power knob and can be used as a direct factory replacement or as an upgrade. This was done a lot in the '50's and 60's era custom car scene.


Under Fender Requirements: 11 1/2
Cable Length: 55"
Mast Length: 3

Model Two Radio

A technically advanced radio, Model Two has been developed to usher the modern musical world inside your vintage car. In brief, Model Two Radio has been exclusively built to offer refreshing musical experience along with a wide range of features. It is a wonderful experience to travel in a retro vehicle but when it comes to music system, you cannot depend on that age old radio. For this you need to have an advanced radio system that will not only add glamour to the retro vehicle but shall also fulfill your modern requirements. From that perspective, Model Two radio is an appropriate answer.    

Retrosound Model Two is quite compatible with modern iPods and you can listen to its songs and music even on your iPod by using a USB flash drive. Along with that, it allows you to stream audio and facilitates hands free phone calling through its in-built Bluetooth connectivity. Model Two Radio is simply perfect for any vintage car and comes with customized LCD color display options of over 32,000. This makes it match perfectly to the interior light colors of your retro car. The adjustable shaft system makes it compatible to easily fit inside the classic car of any size.

Its well-built RMS amplifier of 25 watts and four channels provide surplus power to the radio speaker and the double pre-outs of RCA with additional subwoofer output ensures you include any powerful subwoofer. Retrosound Model 2 is packed with two rear auxiliary inputs of 3.5mm for mobile devices and double USB inputs for the iPod along with USB flash drive entirely loaded with the music files. Unlike other radios, you will not find any bezels, trim plates, knobs etc. If you want to switch on the radio simply press its front knob located on the left side. While turning off, merely press the same knob for three seconds and the radio will become silent. You can connect the MP3 players and other audio devices without the support of wire in this radio.

Volume adjustment is not an issue with this kind of a radio. As a user you need to turn the front left knob to adjust the attenuation of the volume in between 0 to 46. The level of seventeen is considered to be an optimum level of audio volume. You are definitely guaranteed to get a pleasant musical tune without any sort of lagging that generally is the case with existing radio system. Even at distant places, it can easily pick up the audio signals to play the songs of your choice. Along with that, it will also offer you with the options of adjusting three preset equalizers as per your needs. For instance, depending on your frequency preference you can transform the volume mode of your radio either in the formats of Rock, Pop, Classic and many such options. Model Two is quite easy to operate and does not require any sound technological knowledge.

Model Two Radio has the single rotational dial for smooth tuning of the both FM and AM stations. It has been designed to shift between stations at a decent speed. The nice touch of this rotating dial makes it quite distinct from other car radios. In addition to that, you will also find a small power indicator of LED for determining the strength of the audio signals. This indicator is located in between the volume selection and tuner band dials. These dials are perfectly designed for every hand size and are quite simple to control. You will also find an extra jack of coaxial antenna jackfor getting uninterrupted FM signals while travelling to any remote place. Retrosound Model Two also supports shifting from external to interior antennas quite smoothly. You have the option of transferring the audio music of your computer into the radio to have the pleasant experience of fusion music. For that a 3.5mm mixing input connectivity is also available. The bass ports are situated on the rear position for accommodating position in the vertical position.

You will also like its decent mechanism of slot loading which supports primary functions like track selection, stop and play which can be easily controlled after reading the usage manuals. You will also get a small remote device for enjoying extra facilities like intro-scanning activities, straightaway track selection, track shuffling and repetition. Along with that, you can set the frequency; adjust volumes and other track setting activities quite easily. The speakers of Model Two emit decent quality sound with excellent clarity. Depending on the equalizer options and track settings you shall obtain the appropriate audio outcome from it. The minimum front panel of the speakers which is located in the left side of provides a stunning impression with tweaked tuner. Both the right and left speakers are connected with the help of a RCA jack.  

 No doubt, Model Two Radio will give you a perfect driving experience with your loved ones. If you have any sort of nostalgia for old classic radio, this one will easily compensate that as you can obtain the melodious musical frequency quite well. This radio is becoming increasingly popular and people are even installing them inside their modern cars as well. They involve less maintenance cost and can withstand the internal temperature of your vintage vehicle to a permissible extent. Unlike other vintage radios, its knobs can be easily handled and you do not have to exert much finger pressure. You will also get a stereo headphone so that you can listen music and song in complete privacy.

Retrosound Model 2 radios are usually available in stylish designs and as a customer you have to make the appropriate selection which suits you the best. It is important in this regard to mention that the radio will only read formatted flash drives like FAT32 or FAT, but it will not accept formatted rives of NTFS. While playing WMA/MP3 files it will also enable you to see artist info, album and track names from these files.

Hermosa Radio

Make the interiors of your vintage car a bit more interesting with a Hermosa Radio. It is a modern installation that is available as per your choice of classic vehicle with latest features. Stream music from almost any smartphone or in that case even a specific application via Bluetooth. The music system allows wireless streaming with apps such as iHeart Radio, SiriusXM and Pandora. Moreover, the radio has an in-built radio connectivity that allows the users to make telephone calls by using the audio systems and that too hands free.        

The Retrosound Hermosa is not limited to wire-free audio streaming and built-in Bluetooth. It is also equipped with an AM/FM tuner and Radio Display System. As a result, the artist, track and title name would be easily displayed on the screen. There is also a rear placed USB port allowing the users to play music files like WMA and MP3 through the system with 32 GB flash drive support. It is big enough to accommodate as much as 7000 songs without any hassle. There are also dual back-mounted auxiliary inputs available for multiple portable devices. It includes devices like the iPhone, iPod and portable satellite radio. There is also dual colored green or even white illumination allowing the users to customize this radio based on the interior of their classic car.

The speakers of your car are powered by an in-built 25 watts x 4 channel RMS amplifier. There are also dual RCA pre-outs allowing the user to have external amplifiers. Retrosound Hermosa Radio is just one of its kinds for your vintage car that gives you an edge over the new model car owners. It talks about your taste and takes your reputation to the peak. Feel like a king by installing this radio for fun and enjoyment.

Hermosa Radio is available in three different variants. It includes black push buttons, chrome push switches and chrome face paired with ivory face buttons. This all-in-one radio functions through the patented InfiniMount adjustable shaft mechanism in order to facilitate installation irrespective of classic vehicle type. For long term convenience, its body can be custom installed by mounting the body remotely with the use of optional extension cable. 

The Hermosa Radio is a user friendly tool with authentic push style buttoning system. There is also AM/FM RDS tuner with up to 30 pre-sets. You can even connect your choice of portable devices with the two auxiliary inputs. You may even get a mini disc player, CD player, MP3 player, iPod and portable cassette recorder. USB connector of the device is placed on the rear portion of this radio. In the installation process, there is a need to route the inclusive 24 inch USB extension cable from the radio’s rear section to a more accessible and convenient location. In some cases, provided the 24 inch cable isn't long enough to fit your needs, just substitute any optional extended lengthy USB cable during the process of installation. Loudness control facility for user convenience is also available. Similarly, there are the EQ presets and user controllable fader, treble and bass adjustment for a convenient use.

Retrosound Hermosa Radio is a well-tested device which goes through standard quality checks prior to its delivery. In order to enhance the look, users are also getting vintage looking radio dial screen protectors that also bring an element of realism. Many people question it at times on how to fit a radio inside their vintage cars. Hermosa Radio would be the right answer to all those questions. However in order to ensure a secured use, make sure the damages to the unit are fully prevented. Certain steps like not connecting the power connector unless the wiring process gets completed are one among them. Similarly, the user needs to find the inverter ratings to make sure the radio operates perfectly. These radios can be purchased without worrying much about unexpected damage as it comes with as much as one year of warranty in terms of parts and labor for user convenience. 

Stereo systems and radio is a reliable and dependable element of vintage car. Previously, it was all about cutting down on boredom, but with changing times there has been a change in mentality. People rely on these devices for their dose of entertainment and taste of melodious music. They can refer the provided user manual in order to understand the functions and how to make it work out. From track selection to volume control, customize the entire atmosphere while riding in peace or even racing away on a clear road. 

Hermosa Radio is among the rare devices that are designed to be low in terms of maintenance costs. Similarly, the entire system is designed to accommodate different types of installation scenarios. However, users should familiarize themselves to the wiring systems and different operations. They can also take the help of internet or even consult someone who has the same system installed in their vintage car. It is lightweight, unlike the usually heavy audio systems that tend to be headache after a certain point of time. Hermosa radio remains a popular choice since its arrival into the vintage car scene with more and more classic vehicle owners investing. Different models have slight variations in order to help the users distinguish such as black and chrome bezel.

Receiving a phone call is also a simple process with the radio system. For example, in case of a call, the latest source could be paused or even muted based on source. The display may just show up phone along with the caller ID. However, it needs to be compatible with the phone or even a carrier. Accepting the call may require turning the left ear knob slightly counter clockwise. Similarly, ending the call may require the user to turn left rear knob a bit of counter clockwise.

Retrosound Hermosa radios are well equipped to function with the portable satellite radio receivers, iPods and MP3s. A vintage style screen protector can shield it effectively against scratches, water and harmful agents in more ways than one. Hermosa is gradually ranking higher among the most demanded items in the consumer products sector.


If you want to purchase a radio that contains all the features of a Model Two Radio with no additional options, then you can go for the RC 900C radio. The radio is quite suitable to fulfill all our basic needs. Its RMPS amplifier also provides solid power to the radio speakers. You will also find an auxiliary input for playing portable devices like iPods. With the help of a flexible shaft system, you can easily install this radio in any vintage car. RC 900C will provide you with surplus experience of a modern music system while travelling in a retro vehicle. Though it appears in the shape of an old model radio, its stylish push button along with the FM/AM tuner reveals an advanced receiver that has been designed for playing your favorite music in the digital format.

With the help of the sound adjusting tools and in-built amplifier, you can easily fine tune the performance as per your choice. The main advantage of RC 900C radio is its installation being equipped with an entire set of four channel preamp outputs that makes it simpler for you to include any amp in the later period of time. Along with that, you will also find three layers of protective plastic glass covers with the dial numbers of an old fashioned radio. It will not only inject style to the radio receiver but also allow you to clearly view these digital numbers at the back of the radio graphics. These glasses can be easily installed to protect your radio from any form of damage. These protective glass covers are available in three specific designs that can appropriately match with the interior decorations of your vintage car.

RC 900C radio is available in various styles and involves low maintenance cost. Unlike other radios, it can easily catch audio signals even from remote and distant places. It never emits unpleasant loud sound as you have the command over its sound tuning system. You can easily play its music in your computer as well with the help of the auxiliary input system. RC 900C radio is also available with other supportive accessories that facilitates optimization of the performance and provide refreshing musical entertainment to the users. Here you can adjust the frequencies in the following modes like treble, bass, fader and so on. When you will tune this radio in the strong station, a FM indicator will light up which is located on the right side of the display screen. On pressing the front knob on the left side of the radio, you can easily activate the Select function option.

With the help of this function, you can easily adjust the treble, balance, fader and other aspects of the digital music system. Retrosound RC 900C radios will not drain your car’s battery as it works on separate networking system. On holding and pressing the front knob of the right portion, you can easily gain access to the system of sub-menu for adjusting DX/Local tuning, Manual/Auto tuning, volume adjusting and many more. Also, by using this knob, you can also switch to the next mode for activating mute function. This knob also helps you to toggle between five radio bands which mainly include three FM stations and two AM stations. Moreover with the help of a light indicator, you can easily understand which radio station you are listening to. You can obtain the on screen clock feature on turning the rear knob of the left position in a counter clockwise manner.

The option of Dimm High allows you to switch the brightness of the LCD screen form low to high intensity. You can simply activate this option by turning the right knob of the front position in counter-clockwise or clockwise angles. Retrosound RC 900C radio is also capable of receiving the frequencies of FM/ AM broadcast of other nations as well. On turning the front knob of the right position, you can easily activate this function. In order to be confirmed, allow this sub-menu to revert you in the tuner so that you can clearly view the selected mode. RC 900C is your perfect travel companion as you can adjust the default volume while turning it off. It means that when you activate the radio it will continue to emit sound at a specific level that you might have set earlier. The function of A Store option of the radio is to fill automatically the FM presets of every three bank with strongest stations out of the six FM presets. You can clearly see this option pop-up in the screen and the entire process hardly takes a minute to complete. Another plus point about the radio is that you can also listen to music using external sources like CDs and cassettes as well.

The RC 900C radios can withstand the internal temperature of your car and do not suffer from any major technical problem. While fixing such radios inside your vintage car, you must properly read the manual. For installing RC 900C inside the car, you have to first measure the existing shaft holes with that of your radio. In case of any mismatch, it is not difficult to enhance the shaft hole of your car to match with that of the radio. Then the next step is wire connection for which you might require the service of any expert professional if you are not so experienced. You must make sure of the fact that all the essential plugs of the radio are properly attached otherwise the radio will not activate at all. Follow it up by checking the normal functioning of the device before changing the frequencies. Moreover, while wiring always avoid the terminal of negative battery as that may create the possibility of electric shock in case of any short circuit. In this regard you must also avoid places like fuel tank and break while wiring your radio. If you follow these basic safety norms, you can easily install the radio inside your car within short period of time.


Huntington radio can be installed in your Ford Truck and Bronco for an enhanced audio entertainment experience. Apart from a classy look, it boasts of advanced technological specifications. Lucky users can make the most of a built-in apple iPod system. Similarly, the Bluetooth connectivity is well suited for wireless audio streaming and hands free phone calls. There is also a 32,000 color display in order to match up overall interiors and the dash lighting.

Along with the radio system, users are getting dual USB ports for iPhone or iPod. Similarly, flash drive and two auxiliary inputs have also been included. Retrosound Huntington radio system has an in-built 25 watts x 4 channel MOSFET power amplifier. Rear and front REC pre-outs and subwoofer output also add to external amplifiers. Due to the surface-mounting radio control face, it functions across different types of vehicles that may not be equipped with a radio system. At the same time, the cars and vehicles with a 'radio delete plate' can also have this system. However, the prerequisite for these are double holes for radio shafts along with central hole for a controlling cable.

Huntington radio’s body is well designed to be remote-mounted at a number of different locations. It requires the application and functioning of nine foot radio extension cable. Moreover, one should also be aware of the Ford logo based vintage like radio that have dial screen protectors sold separately. This system is available in a number of custom sizes from A to Z. The models such as Black with Chrome Centre Front or Chrome Rear and Black Rear are available at affordable prices. With so many general and audio features, it is only a value for money purchase. Custom settings are also available for users when it comes to track selection, playlist making and more. Similarly, the accessories can be also purchased separately in order to personalize the entire setting.

A Huntington radio would be a great addition for restoring the old world look and feel. Whether you are frequenttraveller or a passionate music listener, tune into your choice of music as per your convenience. However, one should be careful while shopping for the radio and it's better to invest with an authorized dealer. Not only will you get a tested model but relieved as well to be purchasing it from an authorized seller. 

Radio or stereo system has always been a very important part of vehicle from times immemorial. From news to entertainment, these systems have evolved to cater to regular needs of the users. Due to the changing tastes, radio systems like Huntington are largely in demand for their versatility. Shoppers can choose from a number of shapes and sizes for installing them into their vehicle. Custom fit models are also available at a number of online and offline shopping outlets. Huntington radio features among some of the classy car stereo systems that are increasingly in use with vintage cars. The flexibility, user-friendly nature and low maintenance keep it among the top options in the segment. 


Apache ranks high among the most technologically sophisticated radio systems. It will always be a value addition to your classy Chevy truck. As a rider, you are presented with an iPod radio to enjoy your vintage ride to the fullest. Similarly, the presence of a built-in Bluetooth connectivity gives a memorable tech-savy experience. It allows hands-free phone calls and hassle free wireless audio streaming. 

In the newly designed and well-built Apache, the users are getting a 32,000 exclusive color display. It allows them to personalize the radio to their truck or vehicle’s interior. For music lovers, enthusiasts or even casual listeners, there are dual USB ports suitable for iPhone and iPods. Similarly, flash drives along with dual standard auxiliary inputs are also included. 

Retrosound Apache Radio is equipped with a 25 watts x 4 channel MOSFET powerful amplifier. There are also frontal and rear RCA pre-outs along with subwoofer output in addition to the external amplifiers. It can mount easily within your unique and strong Chevrolet truck. However, the credit for this goes to a flexible bracket system that also adds to overall utility. Within this radio system, users are getting AM/FM RDS tuner with up to 30 pre-sets. 

Apache is available in chrome with the chrome push buttons and black with black push buttons. Apart from impressive color lamination, the users are getting it in various installation sizes. Looking back, the radio was initially created to meet the requirements of vintage car enthusiasts. While maintaining a classy look, it is also presenting modern music playback capabilities. This radio unit is adjustable with different mounting options and also offers installation flexibility to the user. Despite the old world look, it can give a run to the most modern vehicle radio or stereo systems. 

Retrosound Apache radio mechanism accommodates three series of preamp outputs. Consequently, it is easier to add more amps and subs to the vehicle.  The bass settings can be managed from the driver’s seat by applying subwoofer level controls. Varying low-pass crossover and colors for LCD display are also more than handy. Song titles are well displayed irrespective of radio system which is broadcasting textual information.

Truly speaking, Apache Radios bring the flavor of modern world into your vintage car. Cruise in style and enjoy music along with other amenities without any hassle. There is also a flexible shaft system which can adapt really well to the dash opening. Therefore, it is quite a suitable match for the classy truck’s interior. Users also have the convenience of adding a Quad4 amplifier if required. It is capable of delivering up to 45 watts RMS by the four channels to the speakers. 

The old fashioned radio can be stylized like never before as it allows custom settings too. A super compact amplifier has the capability to plug-in the radio’s harness and in several cases, it may be powered from fuse box. Consequently, a lot of efforts, time and money can be saved during the installation process. Playing your favorite CD would be fun and entertainment like never.

Newport 1.4 Dim Direct-Fit Radio

The direct-fit replacement radio system fits a wide selection of vehicles ranging from Chevrolet to Bravada. However, these vehicles should be fitted with advanced 1.5 DIN factory radio. Although it appears and adjusts like an original radio, it is equipped with modern technology to cater to the needs of new generation users. They are comfortably getting an in-built iPod or iPhone interface in this case. There is also Bluetooth connectivity for the purpose of wireless audio streaming and hands-free phone calling. 

The Newport radio has dual colors, both green and amber colorful display and rear lit buttons. It also includes double USB ports for iPhone /iPod or may be flash drive. One of them is at the front panel while the other one remains at rear. There are two auxiliary inputs which are included with the radio system, and it also comes with an in-built 25 watts x 4 channel MOSFET power amplifier. The system is well designed to be equipped with frontal and back RCA pre-outs. There is also a subwoofer output which adds to the external amplifiers.

The new generation Newport 1.4 Dim Direct-Fit Radio for your vintage car can adjust to a range of settings. It can be conveniently mounted over the vehicle with wiring harness and mounting hardware. There are plenty of vehicles with 1.5 DIN opening allowing the installation of standard DIN sized radio.

In many cases it resembles an installation which appears both awkward and fully out of place. However, the most advanced features people seek in their radio system are all present in here. At the same time, it doesn't require you to compromise on any specification from any perspective. In several cases, the vehicle may be pre-equipped with an old fashioned Bose/Delco audio system. It is here where there is a need for an adapter in order to use Newport with amplified factory speakers.

Moreover, before installing the one which suits the requirement of your vehicle, it may be helpful to check out the year and model in some cases. The face and body has dimensions to suit a wide range of settings which allows you to personalize the entire set-up. Newport 1.4 Dim Direct-Fit Radio was limited to install an advanced DIN radio which appeared weird and fully out of place. However, it mimics the authentic radio to have the factory based appearance.   

The direct-fit radio is increasingly demanded by vintage car owners. Many of them are willing to upgrade to a new stereo system without sacrificing on the authenticity. So, maintain the long lasting appearance of your classic car with the direct fit radio. It is low on maintenance along with user friendliness which is handy in more ways than one. Jeep, Ford, Chryslers, and GM are some of the well-suited vehicles suitable for the installation of Newport 1.4 Dim Direct-Fit Radio.

Retrosound Newport has been a choice of radio with car owners, both classy and new age. It portrays their taste and personality in a way which is inimitable. However, make sure that you're selecting the right kits as soon as you order.   


Redondo can bring modern musical experience inside your vintage Mopar car and it is packed with many technologically advanced features. Retrosound Redondo Radio is compatible with devices like iPhone, iPad, Bluetooth and many more. You can easily stream audio from the iPod or iPhone. Apart from that, the radio also supports hands free operation through your phone via Bluetooth. It can be easily installed in any angle inside such a classic vehicle. Redondo is one of the most advanced radios which are equipped with distinct push button and thumb roller buttons. Additionally, Redondo Radios come with other features like LCD display of about 32000 colors, subwoofer output and dual sets of the RCA pre-outs. You will also get double rear USB inputs for the flash drive and iPod along with the dual auxiliary rear inputs for the portable devices.

Redondo Radio’s push button and display face can be adjusted independently and so it can be easily installed in any Mopar car where a portion of dash fascia completely separates the existing radio dial from these push buttons. As it is available in different LCD color display, you can easily customize its appearance as per the interior appearance of your retro car. The radio can receive audio signals of any frequency even from a distant and remote location quite easily. Not only that, this radio is capable of receiving the frequencies of the broadcast of FM/AM quite conveniently. You can yourself confirm the selected mode after turning the specific knob of the radio. It comes with various supported accessories and its loud speakers produce sound in a crystal clear manner. You can adjust the frequency in the shape of treble, bass, rock and such other options.

Redondo can easily withstand the internal car temperature and on turning the rear button of the front position you can activate the feature of on screen clock. You can easily shift to the Rock mode for adjusting the audio frequencies while listening to the latest rock songs. Similarly while listening to songs in your iPod and iPad, you can adjust the frequencies as per your choice. Evidently, you can easily tune on to your previous or next AM/FM frequency quite easily. Accessing sub menu options is quite easy with the help of this advanced radio. This radio comprises of protective glass so as to prevent scratch and other damage due to regular usage.

It is very important that you follow the manual while installing this radio. Retrosound Redondo Radio will allow you to adjust the brightness of the LCD display screen so as to maintain the matching combination with the interior ambience of your car. It can also capture audio signal from satellite through Sirius XM connector. Redondo Radios allow you to store your favorite songs that you can listen anytime while undertaking any lonely journey or a journey with your loved ones. Volume adjustment is not a problem as it gives you complete freedom to adjust the level as per your choice. No doubt, Redondo radio with all its smart features can make your drive a pleasant one.