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Custom AutoSound Battery Lifesaver

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Product Description

Custom AutoSound Battery Lifesaver

The Major Benefits of Using the Battery Lifesaver:

Battery Lifesaver utilizes advanced pulse technology to ensure battery performance so you can count on your battery anytime you need it. The 1 G (gigahertz) pulse technology is the most advanced methodology available which can completely clean the corrosion from the plates inside the battery. By doing so, the major benefits are shown below.


  • Better performance by maintaining peak battery efficiency
  • Extend battery life dramatically (normally doubles warranty life)
  • Avoid battery decay due to long storage times.
  • Save electricity by increasing charge acceptance
  • Recharge battery faster with better capacity
  • Help protect the environment by not discarding batteries prematurely


Custom Autosound Battery Lifesaver
At Vintage Car Radio, we strive to offer you the convenience and peace of mind you deserve when running your car. We make it easy for you to maintain your car by stocking and selling Custom Autosound Battery Lifesaver for your classic car. Here are some of the benefits you are likely to enjoy when you buy this battery lifesaver from us.
Info and specs
Battery Lifesaver makes use of the latest and most advanced technology. The pulse technology ensures top battery performance, a factor that assures you that you can count on your battery whenever you want to use it. The 1 G (gigahertz) pulse technology is also able to clean the corrosion from plates inside your battery. In this way, you will enjoy the benefits outlined below.
Features and benefits
Better performance – by helping to maintain your battery at peak efficiency, the battery lifesaver allows you to enjoy better performance at all times.
Extended battery life – the battery lifesaver will extend your battery life significantly, in most cases doubling warranty life.
The battery lifesaver also helps you to avoid battery decay due to long storage times. This means that your battery will remain in good condition for longer.
Save electricity- the battery lifesaver is designed to increase charge acceptance, effectively helping you save electricity.
Faster recharge times- with the Custom Autosound battery lifesaver, you will be in a position to recharge your battery faster and with better capacity.
Protect the environment – since you will not have to discard your battery prematurely, the lifesaver helps to reduce the amount of waste that is introduced into the environment.
Vintage Car Radio is keen on ensuring that you can access all our products without breaking the bank. Our Custom Autosound Battery Lifesaver not only comes with a warranty but is also affordable.



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