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Secret Audio SST/System Supreme Package

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Are you looking for decent auto audio system but want to maintain that classic look? Unsure about spending upwards of several hundred dollars for a “reasonable” system but still have a modern sounding iPod dock or 2.1 speaker system. Perhaps you don’t that the cash to track down a pristine original system for you classic car. You might just find yourself blown away by the secret audo SST package.


For the potential money you may have to put into finding a matching old vintage car audio system for your particular classic car, this package has the potential to provide way more bang for your buck than a modern active speaker system. If “character” excites you and the thought of a “project” invokes delight at the thought of hours in the garage, inspecting capacitors and cleaning the dashboard then this system will fit perfectly into the idea you have for your classic ride.


The vintage system market can be very kind to you if you keep an eye out for a bargain and weigh the competition. Most may hesitate thinking that their particular unit may not be available but rest for sure if you have a classic car, there is a replica stereo unit available for it. Usually the word “vintage audio” refers to antiques, tube style units that look for better than they perform. These hidden system offers the early model looks with the modern sound.


In order to build yourself a decent classic car audio setup you will need at least three components – the receiver (for the proper look) an amplifier and a pair of speakers. For source audio you can simply chose a style that matches the original units. Just about every classic stereo reproduction is available today fro your classic car. Getting hold of old syle tuners is as simple as a log in and quick order before your system is on the way to your front door. What is avable but hidden away you ask? CD players. iPods, MP3 options, and the list goes on.


The Secretaudio SST by Custom Autosound is the staple for concealed Light Emitting Diode exemplary auto radios. The Secretaudio SST permits you to mount the "brains" of the radio remotely in the storage compartment, beneath the seat, or other area of your decision and control it by means of a LCOMPACT DISC show. The LCOMPACT DISC presentation is wired and can be mounted on a section or flush with the included level of surface  pack. Measuring only 5"W x 2"H x 3/4" the LCOMPACT DISC display of the Secretaudio SST is ideal for speedsters, traditions and muscle autos that did not have a unique radio opening in the dashboard or have confinements that keep a Custom Autosound USA model from fitting


This is the same stereo set up that was in the proprietor of Custom Autosound's 1953 Cadillac Fleetwood limo in their SEMA stall. Consolidate the Secretaudio conceaLight Emiting Diode  radio framework and The Unit 1 to get fantastic sound without making uncommon adjustments to the inside, dashboard, kick boards, or back deck of your vehicle. We heard what this sounds like direct and this is the approach for high caliber in your great vehicle.


The SST Unit Super Package incorporates the accompanying:


•           (1) Secretaudio SST Unit Wireless Classic Car Radio


•           (2) The Unit 1 Speakerlified Speaker and Subwoofier Units


The Secretaudio SST is the freshest offering from Custom Autosound and their Secretaudio line of shrouded exemplary auto radio offering and is an awesome answer for get fantastic sound and present day highlights without cutting the dashboard of road poles, dragsters, traditions, and vehicles that don't have radios offered for them because of dashboard confinements. The SST permits you to RC your radio by means of the RF handheld remote. You can mount the radio anyplace you need and don't need to stress over running a wire to a LCOMPACT DISC show or where you are going to mount the face. The Secretaudio SRMS has the majority of the elements of the Secretaudio SST however utilizes 2.4 gHz remote tehcnology to both send and get information. The SRMS is an incredible choice in the event that you have the first radio and need to keep up the accurate unique look yet need more stable and elements than a forty+ year old radio. The Secretaudio SST has the accompanying components:


•           AM/FM Stereo with 200 Watts of Power (50 x 4)


•           2.4 gHz Wireless Handheld Controls the Radio


•           No Display Placing Necessary


•           USB MP3 with WMA Flash Drive Player


•           iPod Direct Control Interface w/7' iPod Docking Cable


•           Innovative Alpha Numeric LCOMPACT DISC Display


•           Satellite Radio Input (Use SCC1 Universal Satellite Radio)


•           COMPACT DISC Changer Controller


•           RCA Auxiliary Input  


•           Pre-Out Subwoofer


•           Electronic Treble and Bass Control


•           4 Way Fader (Front/Rear, Left/Right)


•           Twenty-four Electronic Presets (18 FM/6 AM)


•           Blue LIGHT EMITING DIODE  Illumination and Buttons on LCOMPACT DISC w/Contrast Control


The Unit 1 opened up speaker framework includes a controlled Light Emitting Diode  8" subwoofer and two speakers. The intensifier for the 8" subwoofer additionally controls the satellite speakers to offer fresh high and mid reach sound while the 8" subwoofer conveys the low end frequencies for brilliant sound however not anything blasting like the children have nowadays. The Unit 1 has the accompanying elements:


•           Eight Inch Powered Subwoofer + Two Channel Speakerlifier


•           Subwoofer Dimensions - 13.5"L x 9.8"W x 2.8"H


•           75W RMS/150W Peak Subwoofer Power


•           Two Satellite Speakers


•           4 Ohm Impedence


•           Power Direct to Battery and Wiring Kit is Included


•           30 SPEAKER Fuse


•           Two Power for Satellite Speakers (50W)


So if you are truly in the market for a decent auto audio system but have to have that all too appealing vintage look, a secret audio SRMS supreme package may be your best option. You will not have to worry about spending a king’s ransom searching for that ideal system. You can enjoy that classic original look with hidden modern extras like iPod dock and USB ports. With a SST package, the sky is the limit when it comes to the perfect sound.

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