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KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 1

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The KHE-300 radio is, by far, the best vintage car radio on the market. It has a wide array of features and is one of the most affordable car radios available today. In this article, I will tell you why you should buy the KHE-300 car radio.

If you own a classic Alfa Romeo car and are looking for a modern radio to replace its original one, then the KHE-300 model by Ken Harrison is your perfect choice. This modern car stereo with 6 AM and 6 FM Presets is specifically designed for vintage cars, with all considerations such as the dash of your Alfa Romeo car playing in mind. Although it is an up-to-date model that incorporates the latest technology like an iPod interface, this Ken Harrison masterpiece does not look out of place in your vehicle so; you don’t have to worry about interfering with the classic look.
Features of the KHE-300:
Wireless streaming: The KHE-300 model comes with Bluetooth wireless streaming features, allowing you to connect to the radio to Bluetooth devices and stream music from a device of your choice.
USB input: Although it is made for classic cars, this radio has a front USB input feature for iPod and MP3 player interface. It also has a Mini SD Card reader at the front.
Manual Up/Down tuning: With the KHE-300 model, you will not have to turn and twist old-fashioned knobs to tune into your favorite station. All you have to do is to press the manual up and down tuning buttons. The radio also has a seek and auto scan feature to help you find preset stations.
Separate treble and bass control: Getting the best sound out of your car radio has never been easier. This Ken Harrison model comes with distinct treble and bass controls to help you strike the best sound balance.
LCD: The radio has an LCD that illuminates blue when it is on, making the screen more visible and easier for you to read.
The KHE-300 model is custom designed to fit in the dash of your Alfa Romeo car without any modifications on your vehicle. It is also very affordable compared to other modern radios with almost similar features. The radio is available and ready to order at Vintage Car Radio.
First off, the radio looks very classic, but has a modern twist. The radio has Bluetooth wireless streaming, so you can connect your wireless device to it. If you're more into just listening to the radio, the KHE-300 is for you! It has 6 AM and 6 FM radio presets ready for use! Another thing that is great about the KHE-300 radio is its manual up and down tuning, and its seek and auto scan feature. This means that you don't have to ever twist and turn knobs again! The seek and auto scan will take care of it for you. If you are modern, but not completely modern, this radio has a USB input for your iPod or MP3 player. Many people that buy this radio say that the front USB input is the best feature about the radio. The radio also has an outstanding separate bass and treble control, which allows you to get the best sound possible out of a radio!
Perhaps the best thing about this radio is that it is custom designed to fit your factory dash. This means that, whatever size your dash is, the KHE-300 radio will fit! Now, you might be thinking, "This sounds too good to be true." I can assure you that it is not. This radio literally has no bad or worthless features. The KHE-300 radio works great for any classic GMC Motorhome! In fact, nearly 100% of customers that bought this radio and put it in their GMC motor home, were extremely satisfied with all the great sounds and features. If all this sounds great to you, go buy your KHE-300 radio right now!

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