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KHE-300-USB with bluetooth 49

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Have you been thinking lately that your vintage Pontiac Catalina vehicle could you more vintage upgrading? It can be hard to find the appropriate radio for your classic car and especially finding one at a good deal. The KHE-300, made by Ken Harrison, is the perfect deal that everyone with a Pontiac Catalina should consider.
The KHE-300 has fantastic specs for a vintage radio. It features extended 6AM and 6FM Preset Buttons for easy access and also has manual up and down tuning to manual switch between channels. If you feel like letting the radio pick a station for you, the seek, or auto scan is a wonderful option to have. The PLL Synthesizer Digital Tuner makes it even more optimized for sleek radio tuning. 
These extra features make it almost hard to believe it is a vintage radio, with 4-way Fader Control and Seperate Bass and Treble Control; this option allows you to make you radio listening experience more optimized for your listening needs.
It has an Auto Antenna Power Lead with great connection guaranteed. The LCD Display with Blue Illumination will have you in complete and utter disbelief of it being a classic style radio; the illumination is necessary for optimal viewing of the screen while also still keeping that vintage style you're looking for in your radio. 
There is Front USB input for your iPod or MP3 player if you want to bring your playlist with you on the road; listen to your favourite tunes as you travel. The Front Mini SD Card Reader is excellent for reading pictures from your camera. There is Bluetooth Wireless Streaming for a safer driving experience; perfect if you have important work calls during the day. 
200 Watts Power Output (4x50) makes for a strong and quality working radio, leaving out the stress of worrying about battery power. RCA Pre-Outs for even more optimization of your listening experience and Rear Auxiliary Inputs. Obviously with an LCD screen display Clock Time is a necessity, so you can easily just look at the screen to tell the time and not at your phone. 
The best part about the KHE-300 Radio is that it is custom designed to fit the factory dash of your Pontiac Catalina, so there is no hassle going on a mad hunt for different sizes from different sellers. You will be more impressed than you ever have been making the choice of the KHE-300 Radio with all it's satisfactory guaranteed features and custom fitting. Go with the KHE-300 as you wont find another vintage radio like it. 

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