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Custom AutoSound 1953-54 Belair USA-630 w/OEM PB Radio

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When looking for a good radio for the classic 1953-54 Chevy Bel Air vehicle, you need to search and find information on the best well-suited radio. Radio USA-630 is one of the models manufactured by Custom Autosound. The radio has all the features that make the sound system wonderful. Sold by vintage car radio, USA-630 has the following features.
The 630-USA radio comes with twofold-channel RCA inlet that can be used for communications. It is good to play an audio file from any device you have. For better audio playback, it also comes with a USB port that can be used to yield quality music. With the USB port, you can play MP3 and WMA files without any problem.With the RDS tuner on the radio, be sure to receive all signals and FM radio waves. You will receive analog and digital signals that will allow you to enjoy everything. When you listen to the radio, songs, artists and radio stations will be displayed on the LCD screen.
If you do not have any files to play, you can adjust the radio and select a station from a list of 12 preset radio stations. Here you can choose between FM or AM formats and save your days. Good radio for all types of people, including digital and old. With the USA-630, your classic 1953-54 Chevy Bel Air vehicle will look amazing.
It has a stereo system that supports AM-FM mode. The radio comes with an LCD monitor well-matched with the RDS tuner to show the current status of your radio. He has an active digital clock always to help him keep track of his time. If you want to attach your phone to the radio, Radio USA-630 has a USB port that you can use to play MP3 and WMA files from any coupled device.
The USA-630, sold by the radio of a vintage car, is one of the main radio receivers that you can buy from the classic 1953-54 Chevy Bel Air vehicle. It has all the features that make it a good radio that anyone can admire in the car. These are some of the features of Radio USA-630.

Our Custom AutoSound 1953-54 Belair USA-630 has successfully evolved as the most ideal radio to suit the interiors of any vintage car. Though classic in appearance it comprises of all the advanced features that you can expect from a modern radio. It can smoothly fit into any dash size of the vintage car. Using its button of track up, you can advance songs on any phone. It also supports streaming of music using the option of bluetooth. It can easily catch the signal from any distance with perfect sound clarity. Its features mainly include:




    • Based on the stereo system of FM-AM mode
    • RDS tuner for displaying artists/songs/radio stations on the LCD screen
    • Power capacity of 300 Watts
    • USB Port to playback song files in WMA/MP3
    • Buttons of iPod control and doc
    • Direct control changer till six CD
    • Negative display of white numbers/ letters in black background
    • iPod/WMA/MP3 files are displayed in alpha-numeric forms
    • Volume control and electronic tuning
    • Compensation in loudness
    • Digital EQ
    • Fader of four way
    • Right left balance system
    • Active digital clock
    • Auxiliary RCA Input with two channel
    • Pre-sets of 12 radio stations
    • Four channel pre-outs of RCA
    • Distinct treble and bass
    • Euro/USA tuner
    • Powerful lead of antenna 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the depth of the Radio? 

The depth of USA-1 is around 7” whereas the depth of USA-630 and USA-230 is 6.5” respectively. 

 Will I be able to use my original knobs? 

Our radios come with a split shaft, whereas the original radios are of “D” shaft. If you want to use the original radios then you can remove the insert and then install the split shaft metal piece. 

Is there a harness available with the radio? 

Our radios come with a completely new wiring harness that can be easily connected with the vehicle’s electrical system. 

Is there a Faceplate available with the radio? 

We don’t provide a Faceplate with the radio. Our radios are mounted in the vehicle right from the backend of the dash. 

Where can I find the Auxiliary Input? 

You can find the RCA auxiliary input at the backend of all the radios. Cable has been included in the radio and we have focused on keeping the classic style of the radio upto the mark.


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