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Custom AutoSound 1956 Belair USA-630

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Product Description


Custom Autosound has created a gorgeous new radio for the 1956 Chevy Bel Air. Your Chevy is your pride and joy, and it is a car that people will take a second and third look at on the street. You need a nice radio to listen to when you are on the road in this car that you have spent so much time On, and you will find that this radio can do anything that you need.

1. The Style

The radio was made with an LCD screen that you can use to sync your iPod, to check the radio, or to go through tracks on your CD. You can change between six CDs in this machine, and it lets you go to the equalizer when you are ready to change the acoustics to fit the car. You get an electric tuner, and you have 300 watts of power that make some nice sounds outside the car. White numbers with a dark background are beautiful, and they make it easy for you to change when you want to set up your audio experience.

2. Installation

You are given a powerful lead for the antenna, and this radio was made for you to put in your Bel Air. That means that it fits perfectly, and it feels like it was made to be in this car even though the car clearly predates this kind of technology. You have the best of everything, and you can listen even on Euro stations if you have the car overseas. 

3. Conclusion

The USA-630 is a great option for your '56 Bel Air when you want to put in something gorgeous that makes your classic car a much better ride through town. Listen to several different CDs, play the radio on any channel you want, and slide your finger on the LCD screen when you need.

Our Custom AutoSound 1956 Belair USA-630has evolved as the most popular vintage car radio model due to its classic appearance with modern features. Its auxiliary input enables you to easily insert the USB based flash drive for play backing the song files in WMA/MP3 format. Its Blukit option helps you to stream music through bluetooth based compatible player or phone. Its tuner helps you to access the radio stations of both USA and Europe. While answering phone calls through this radio, it will automatically mute the music. In the back portion of this radio, you will find an audio input for playing portable player or satellite radio. The radio runs on 300 watts and for the optional amplifiers you can use its pre-out jack on back.Its OEM push buttons impart a stunning appearance to your car dash. Some of the remarkable features of this radio are:  




    • Based on the stereo system of FM-AM mode
    • RDS tuner for displaying artists/songs/radio stations on the LCD screen
    • Power capacity of 300 Watts
    • USB Port to playback song files in WMA/MP3
    • Buttons of iPod control and doc
    • Direct control changer till six CD
    • Negative display of white numbers/ letters in black background
    • iPod/WMA/MP3 files are displayed in alpha-numeric forms
    • Volume control and electronic tuning
    • Compensation in loudness
    • Digital EQ
    • Fader of four way
    • Right left balance system
    • Active digital clock
    • Auxiliary RCA Input with two channel
    • Pre-sets of 12 radio stations
    • Four channel pre-outs of RCA
    • Distinct treble and bass
    • Euro/USA tuner
    • Powerful lead of antenna 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the depth of the Radio? 

The depth of USA-1 is around 7” whereas the depth of USA-630 and USA-230 is 6.5” respectively. 

 Will I be able to use my original knobs? 

Our radios come with a split shaft, whereas the original radios are of “D” shaft. If you want to use the original radios then you can remove the insert and then install the split shaft metal piece. 

Is there a harness available with the radio? 

Our radios come with a completely new wiring harness that can be easily connected with the vehicle’s electrical system. 

Is there a Faceplate available with the radio? 

We don’t provide a Faceplate with the radio. Our radios are mounted in the vehicle right from the backend of the dash. 

Where can I find the Auxiliary Input? 

You can find the RCA auxiliary input at the backend of all the radios. Cable has been included in the radio and we have focused on keeping the classic style of the radio upto the mark.


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