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Custom AutoSound 1954-55 Cadillac USA-630 In Dash AM/FM

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Product Description

Custom AutoSound 1954-55 Cadillac USA-630 In Dash AM/FM


What makes the journey all the more fun, is the transit music; the kind of stereo in your classic Cadillac also determines your level of fun during the road travel. You already know by now that music is not only enjoyable but also therapeutic; so you'd want the best sounds to keep you company.
If you're one who loves the 1954-1955 classic Cadillac, then you'd love this;
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the USA-630 for Cadillac, the perfect modern stereo for the 1954-1955 vintage Cadillac; sure to keep you uninterrupted company, during road travel. It is the exact stereo fit for a classic like the 54-55 Cadillac.
Features of the USA-630:
  • The basis of this stereo is the AM-FM mode, making it like any other radio with other qualities.
  • RDS tuner and the LCD screen work hand in hand; while you tune the artist songs or radio station, the LCD screen, displays your options
  • The Cadillac battery is also another amazing feature of the Cadillac of 54-55, that is why the 300 watts capacity of stereo doesn't shake the battery.
  • If you feel like you don't like what is on, there is a USB port on the stereo that you can connect your phones and mp3s into, to play your preferred list of songs.
  • The stereo also has iPod and doc button control, if you're an i-user
  • There are 6 CD compartments in the stereo which you can change directly, with direct control changer.
  • For those who like playing with songs, there is a four-way Fader that you can play with
  • Right left balance system
  • An Active digital clock that gives you the time 24/7
  • There are two Auxiliary RCA Input channels so that you can use more than one device on the stereo
  • There are already 12 radio station Pre-set on the stereo, for your listening pleasure
  • It also has a sound splitter, thanks to it treble and bass distinct sound splitter.
  • You can access channels from a wide range (whether you are in USA or in Europe), with the lead antenna, which is one of the most powerful antennas around.
  • The feature of the USA-630 are numerous, other than the amazing features above, some other features include;
  • The pre-outs of RCA with four channels.
  • The display on a black background with white numbers.
  • iPod/MP3/WMA files are usually in an alpha-numeric display.
  • There is also the electronic tuning and volume control.
  • The loudness of the stereo is usually compensated
  • It has a digital EQ
The classic Cadillac of 1954-55 is a good classic and can be passed off in this 21st century. That is why these car producing companies try to ensure the accessory of the classic is top notch, hence the USA-630 stereo. You would be missing out on a lot if you have the Cadillac 1954-55 and not purchase this stereo. Enjoy Beauty in sound.


The USA-630 is continuing to evolve in Custom Autosound’s quest for the perfect classic car radio. This radio has large OEM style push-buttons that give a perfect look in a classic dash. Although it looks classic it has the latest modern features that include an iPod doc. Navigation for the iPOD includes artist/song/album/playlist all from the buttons on the radio. A great feature so you can keep the iPod hidden away in your glove box or console. The USB input is still there on the back of the radio and allows you to plug in a USB flash drive for playback of MP3/WMA song files. The new alpha numeric display shows the song/artist/album titles during playback of flash drive (thumb drive), iPod files and RDS radio station information. As an option you can get Bluetooth music streaming from your Bluetooth capable phone or Bluetooth compatible player with the BLUKIT. The radio can even advance the songs on your phone buy using the track up button on the radio. It will also mute the music while to take a hands free phone call through the radio. With 300 watts peak the radio should have all the power you may need, if you want more there are four pre-outs jacks on the back of the radio for optional amplifiers. The back of the radio also has auxiliary audio input for satellite radio or any portable player you may wish to use. 

The USA-630 Features:
• AM-FM Stereo
• RDS tuner shows station / song / artist on LCD display
• 300 Watts Peak 
• USB Port for Flash Drive MP3/WMA Playback
• iPod doc and control (Control your iPod from the buttons on the radio)
• Direct 6 CD Changer Control
• Negative LCD display (Black background with white letters / numbers)
• Alpha Numeric Display for MP3/WMA/ iPod files
• Electronic Tuning and Volume Control
• Loudness compensation
• Digital EQ
• 4 way Fader
• Left Right Balance
• Digital Clock
• 2 Channel RCA Auxiliary Input for Satellite etc. (cable included) 
• 12 Pre-sets (12FM-4AM)
• 4 Channel RCA Pre-outs
• Separate Bass and Treble
• USA/Euro Tuner
• Power Antenna Lead



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