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Custom AutoSound 1973-88 Chevy Truck USA-630 In Dash AM/FM

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Custom AutoSound 1967-72 Chevy Truck USA-630 In Dash AM/FM



The USA-630 is a top of the line radio developed by Custom Autosound inc. Encased in a classic car stereo look with large OEM push buttons and based on the stereo system of AM-FM mode, with 16 presets, 12 FM, and 4 AM. Custom Autosound developed the USA-630 for a classic Chevy truck. It fits in the truck's stock dash without any modifications necessary. Complete with four RCA pre-outs jacks for optional amplifiers. Bass and treble controls for the full control of high and low frequencies on the audio. Left and right balance control for the perfect ratio of volume from the left and right speakers. Loudness compensation, electronic tuning, volume control, a four-way fader that allows you to balance the sound in the speaker system, and backed by 300 watts of power the USA-630 was designed to provide the best in audio technology for your 1973-88 Chevy Truck. 
Although encased in a classic stereo look, the USA-630 for a 1973-88 Chevy Truck boasts some impressive modern features like; a USB port set on a 14 inch extension for easy access, which allows you to plug in a thumb drive or flash drive and enjoy playback of digital song files. It also features a dock for your iPod, built-in CD controller which allows you to connect to one of our six-disc CD changers, an auxiliary audio input for your phone, satellite radio or any other portable device you may wish to use. The USA-630 is also compatible with Custom Autosound's Bluetooth module, the BLUkit, which enables you to stream your music or phone calls from your iPhone, iPod, Android or any other Bluetooth enabled device. This radio also features a single line alphanumeric display with negative LCD (black background and white letters), which during playback of digital files, displays the song, artist and album titles. It also allows song navigation through the radio itself. Lastly, the USA-630 features switchable USA and European tuner frequencies, a continuously displaying digital clock and a power antenna lead. All extensions on the USA-630 have been mounted on the rear for a clean front look.


The USA-630 is continuing to evolve in Custom Autosound’s quest for the perfect classic car radio. This radio has large OEM style push-buttons that give a perfect look in a classic dash. Although it looks classic it has the latest modern features that include an iPod doc. Navigation for the iPOD includes artist/song/album/playlist all from the buttons on the radio. A great feature so you can keep the iPod hidden away in your glove box or console. The USB input is still there on the back of the radio and allows you to plug in a USB flash drive for playback of MP3/WMA song files. The new alpha numeric display shows the song/artist/album titles during playback of flash drive (thumb drive), iPod files and RDS radio station information. As an option you can get Bluetooth music streaming from your Bluetooth capable phone or Bluetooth compatible player with the BLUKIT. The radio can even advance the songs on your phone buy using the track up button on the radio. It will also mute the music while to take a hands free phone call through the radio. With 300 watts peak the radio should have all the power you may need, if you want more there are four pre-outs jacks on the back of the radio for optional amplifiers. The back of the radio also has auxiliary audio input for satellite radio or any portable player you may wish to use. 

The USA-630 Features:
• AM-FM Stereo
• RDS tuner shows station / song / artist on LCD display
• 300 Watts Peak 
• USB Port for Flash Drive MP3/WMA Playback
• iPod doc and control (Control your iPod from the buttons on the radio)
• Direct 6 CD Changer Control
• Negative LCD display (Black background with white letters / numbers)
• Alpha Numeric Display for MP3/WMA/ iPod files
• Electronic Tuning and Volume Control
• Loudness compensation
• Digital EQ
• 4 way Fader
• Left Right Balance
• Digital Clock
• 2 Channel RCA Auxiliary Input for Satellite etc. (cable included) 
• 12 Pre-sets (12FM-4AM)
• 4 Channel RCA Pre-outs
• Separate Bass and Treble
• USA/Euro Tuner
• Power Antenna Lead



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