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Custom AutoSound USA-230 for a Chevy Truck In Dash AM/FM 59

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Product Description

Custom AutoSound USA-230 for a Chevy Truck In Dash AM/FM

The Custom Autosound manufacturing inc developed the USA-230 stereo that allows you to keep the old-school look of your Chevy truck, get excellent sound quality and have a direct connection to today's modern electronic devices. This radio comes with a similar cosmetic appearance as the previous model, the USA-630 radio. The USA-230 stereo, however, lacks the CD changer control, iPod controller and the USB port for MP3. This stereo comes with a mounting depth of 6.5" inches and has been made to fit your trucks stock dash location without needing any modifications. This USA-230 stereo is a great option for any Chevy truck owner looking for a pocket-friendly radio that does not sacrifice the old-school look or modern features. This stereo has a voltage capacity of 200 watts, 50w x 4. 
The USA-230 stereo also comes with four-channel pre-outs of RCA for optional amplifiers, and an AM-FM stereo system with pre-sets of sixteen stereo stations 12 FM and 4 AM. This radio has no cassette player but comes with a rear auxiliary input with a pin jack of 1/8' that allows you to connect to an iPod, iPhone, Android, satellite stereo tuner or any other device with a headphone jack. This stereo comes complete with; Left and right balance control for an excellent ratio of the volume of left and right speakers, a continuously displaying digitized clock, full control of high and low frequencies sounds through separate bass and treble controls. A four-way fader that you can use as a control for a voltage controlled amplifier, and balanced sound in its speaker system, Loudness compensation to compensate for reduced human ear sensitivity to low frequencies, electronic tuning and volume control. Lastly, this stereo also has a USA/Euro tuner and a powerful wireless antenna for increased effective range.
Due to the great success of our USA-630 radio we now bring you the USA-230. This new model radio has the same cosmetics as the USA-630 which has been a huge success. If you don't need USB/MP3 or CD changer control this is the model for you. An awesome looking radio a great price. Radio has no cassette but comes with auxiliary audio input. If you have a portable MP3 player or Satellite radio just plug it into the Aux input and listen to it through this radio.

This radio features:

● AM-FM Stereo
● 200 Watts (4x50)
● Auxiliary Input (RCA Rear) RCA to 1/8" pin jack included
● Digital Clock 
● Electronic Tuner
● 16 Pre-sets (4AM-12FM)
● 4 Channel RCA Pre-outs
● 4 way Fader
● Power Antenna Lead
● 4 Channel RCA pre-out
● Digital clock
The voltage capacity of the radio is 200 Watts. It has a Rear Auxiliary Input with the pin jack of 1/8’ that you connect with devices like iPhone, iPod, satellite radio tuner and other devices. The stereo works on FM-AM mode. To keep you updated the radio comes with a digitalized clock. You can even detect the pitch of your music and control it through an electric tuner and volume controller that comes in this radio.
You can also choose the radio stations with pre-sets of sixteen radio stations with 12 FM- 4 AM, according to your mood and taste. Out on a romantic long drive? Put on some classic and romantic music, want thrilling music change the station to suit your mood, you can even get the latest updates about news early in the morning when you are driving to work. The radio also has four channel pre-outs of RCA and fader of four-way. To connect you to different channels easily the Custom Autosound USA-230 radio also has a powerful wireless antenna.
There are some amazing features of this radio, but you know what the best one that I find is? You don’t have to cut through your dash to make the radio adjustable. After all, the worst thing can be to ruin the shape of your classy Chevy from the inside. However, in case of Custom Autosound USA-230 radio, you will just have to make certain adjustments without cutting the dash.



  • Stereo works on FM-AM mode
  • Voltage capacity of 200 Watts
  • Rear Auxiliary Input with the pin jack of 1/8’
  • Digitalized clock
  • Electronic tuner
  • Pre-sets of sixteen radio stations with 12 FM- 4 AM
  • Four channel pre-outs of RCA
  • Fader of four way
  • Powerful wireless antenna



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the depth of the Radio? 

The depth of USA-1 is around 7” whereas the depth of USA-630 and USA-230 is 6.5” respectively. 

 Will I be able to use my original knobs? 

Our radios come with a split shaft, whereas the original radios are of “D” shaft. If you want to use the original radios then you can remove the insert and then install the split shaft metal piece. 

Is there a harness available with the radio? 

Our radios come with a completely new wiring harness that can be easily connected with the vehicle’s electrical system. 

Is there a Faceplate available with the radio? 

We don’t provide a Faceplate with the radio. Our radios are mounted in the vehicle right from the backend of the dash. 

Where can I find the Auxiliary Input? 

You can find the RCA auxiliary input at the backend of all the radios. Cable has been included in the radio and we have focused on keeping the classic style of the radio upto the mark.


Available in black or chrome ‘face’

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