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Custom AutoSound USA-230 Corvair In Dash AM/FM 2

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A radio system built to emulate what would have really gone in original Chevy Corvairs can seriously aid in the presentation of a restored vehicle. The USA-230 model car radio by Vintage Car Radio is designed to maintain the aesthetic of 1960's technology while including all the modern standards, such as a rear auxiliary input with a pin jack of 1/8'. The stereo also has the capability to work on FM-AM mode and comes with pre-sets of sixteen radio stations with 12FM- 4AM. With a total voltage capacity of 200 watts, there's ample power to include a digitalized clock and electronic tuner for ergonomic control. A four way fader gives the driver complete volume control, while four channel pre-outs of RCA ensure that the radio is compatible with all kinds of speakers. A powerful wireless antenna will keep your radio piping clear music as you impress each passerby with your stunning vehicle. 

You've put so much effort into restoring a beautiful Chevy Corvair, so don't neglect to put the finishing touches on your project by installing great vintage devices like these. What's the point of having a vehicle that takes you back to the 1960's, when the inside is a startling reminder of the more complicated time that we live in? Fully transform your vehicle into a blast to the past by purchasing one of these excellent vintage radios. The quality is always guaranteed and the function is just as good as any current device, with all the antiquities that make the Chevy Corvair experience so enjoyable. Vintage Car Radio is a company you can trust to provide a long-lasting piece of equipment that looks and works fantastically. Don't ride without perfecting the details of your Chevy Corvair; it isn't complete until it's got a USA-230 from Vintage Car Radio banging out the old tunes!
This radio features:

● AM-FM Stereo
● 200 Watts (4x50)
● Auxiliary Input (RCA Rear) RCA to 1/8" pin jack included
● Digital Clock 
● Electronic Tuner
● 16 Pre-sets (4AM-12FM)
● 4 Channel RCA Pre-outs
● 4 way Fader
● Power Antenna Lead
● 4 Channel RCA pre-out
● Digital clock

Available in black or chrome ‘face’

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