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Custom Autosound USA-740 IN DASH AM/FM for Oldsmobile


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Some car collectors identify the Oldsmobile as the one and only in the classic cars category. Its curves shout dynamism and there’s a spark on its engine that speaks a totally different language. It clearly expresses history from the bottoms of its lungs like the timeless tunes that comes from their classic stereos, why they are still in operation today, believe it or not. The Oldsmobile USA-740 radio is a unit that elements a computerized tuner. Some of the upgraded bells and whistles include, Bluetooth, a USB connection, auxiliary inputs, and the capacity to include a Compact Disc player accompanied by a CD-1 disc player. This unit is the optimum option for the classic Oldsmobile radio provided by Custom Autosound. Besides, it not only permits you to listen to the radio, but also stream music from your mobile phone and communicate hands free. Best of all, the unit come pre-fabricated for that perfect fit without having to do any big cutting into your original car’s dashboard. There are no suppliers that can compete with Custom Autosound simply because they have not been in this industry for as many years.

Custom Autosound USA-740 Classic Car Radio With Bluetooth USA-740 Radio with Bluetooth Features:

  • AM/FM Radio Bluetooth, USB & Auxiliary Inputs
  • Option to Add CD-1, Single CD Player
  • Bluetooth is Built Into the Radio
  • Fits in your Original Dash Opening Without Cutting
  • 3.5mm Aux Input on Front of Radio
  • RCA Aux Input On Back
  • Change Display Lettering Color
  • Digital Tuner
  • RDS Song/Artist Information
  • 5 Channel RCA Pre-Outs w/ Subwoofer Control
  • Separate Bass & Treble Control
  • 5 EQ Presets
  • Fader and Balance Control
  • 15 FM & 10 AM Pre Sets
  • Seek/Scan Function
  • Back by a 2 Year Warranty from the Manufacturer

The Oldsmobile USA-740 unit displays a multi-colored liquid crystal display. This permits the owner to have the option of over 12 hues so that the liquid crystal display coordinates with the shade of your vehicle’s dash lights, gages and other instrument lights. The added Universal Serial Bus ports enable owners to charge their cell phones while playing files from their MP3 saved on their thumb drive. The connectors for the Compact Disc changer permits owners to unite the Custom Autosound CD-1 player with the extra ports located on the back of the radio. This convenience offers more options for extra listening gadgets. The Oldsmobile USA-740 radio also has five channel RCA style outputs that include a separate control for the subwoofer. This is in place so that you can signify a five-channel enhancer for the most ideal sound possible and still have full control of the subwoofer in order to accomplish the precise measure of bass to compliment your chosen tunes. 

This alternative guarantees that you get full modern, high-quality sound that will be comparable to your high definition surround sound system that today’s technology has become a staple in modern times. The USA-740 unit customized for the Oldsmobile is nothing less than an exquisite piece of equipment hard to replace. Convertibles have a long and extraordinary history. Now, the past meets the future with the most-advanced sound technology. And you’re only one click away to join the party!

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