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Chevy II

Consoles and Cup Holders for Chevy II

Are you one of the rare Chevy II owners out there? These cars were released in 1962 and technically made through 1979 with a brief return from 1985 through 1988, however the car became primarily known as the Chevrolet Nova beginning in 1968. “Nova” had been the top of the line rendition of the Chevy II for the first generation 1962 to 1965 and second generation models of the vehicle from 1966 to 1967, before taking over the nameplate.

With this third generation, from 1973 to 1977, came two major changes. The overall design of the car, down to its frame, was changed to become more sporty, and a Super Sport or “SS” version was released to keep abreast with the trend of muscle cars. By 1971, the meaning of the name Nova became a branding statement for General Motors, standing for Nova, Omega, Ventura, Apollo, the Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Buick counterparts to the Chevy Nova.

Chevy II’s were never built for their luxurious options. It is known as one of the quickest development to release schedules ever completed by General Motors. It took only 18 months for this car to move from concept to its first model coming of the production line. This was because the car was never meant to be anything special at all. In a time of serious car experimentation and concept design releases, such as Chevrolet’s Corvair release in 1960, the point of the Chevy II was to get back to the basics. This car was offered as a convertible for only its first two years of production.

As with many Chevrolet releases over the years, the Chevy II was also created in response to a release by the Ford Motor Company. In this case the Chevy II was up against the Ford Falcon. These were standard, compact sized, affordable options for Americans. However, they are attractive, and considered classics by some. They were painted in attractive color tones, and today, represent an era of American culture where cars were an absolute statement of personality. And for those who wish to keep that statement alive today, a few simple upgraded features can take these cars to the next level.

The solution to these problems are simple and inexpensive with these products. And for collectors out there, remember these upgrades are sure to come in a color to match the interior or exterior of y