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Chevy Tri 5's Console & Cup Holders

Chevy Tri 5 Consoles and Cup Holders

You might not know the Chevy Tri-5 by it’s name, but everyone surely knows it by its appearance. These cars were only made for three years, from 1955 to 1957. Yet the Chevy Tri 5 maintains a cult following, and have made their place as an icon of car collecting and American car culture, and even American popular culture overall. It is best known for its Bel Air, 150, 210 and Nomad models.

These were extremely popular from the get go. Their first model in 1955 sold 1.7 million vehicles. Out of only a total of 7.1 million vehicles sold nation wide in America, this gave Chevy’s Tri-5 44 percent of the low-price market. The base-model price as a mere $1,600 dollars. The Nomad version of the Tri-5 was the wagon body shape, and was released mid-year, making it an extremely rare and collectable item.

These cars are primarily known for one their exterior design shape and paint. They featured a two-tone paint job that highlighted the almost outlandish looking rear tail fin body shape. To car enthusiasts, they might also be known best for having one of the earliest V8 engines. This bold choices were made by Chevrolet in order to have a model that would be competitive with their own more luxurious Cadillac cars, yet maintain a lower price tag.

In its second year, the Tri-5 needed almost no changes to maintain popularity. Hot Rod enthusiasts had quickly discovered a valuable base for their desires in the V8 models. The engine was easily modified for massive horsepower gains. This strong presence in the Hot Rod culture is a great deal of what pushed the Tri-5 into being an American iconic vehicle. They even came to be used as Police cars.

The final year of production in 1957 is easily one of the most collectable cars of all time. Chevrolet greatly increased the available horsepower in the V8 and redesigned the tail fins to make them even