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El Camino Console & Cup Holders

Consoles and Cup Holders for Chevy El Camino

The Chevy El Camino was created in response to the Ford Ranchero. These vehicles had the bodies of standard cars, but instead of a normal back, they had truck beds. Not many of these vehicles were made in total, and that has helped build their value as a collector item. Their first generation was introduced in 1959 and discontinued after the second year in 1960. But a re-release of the vehicle made its production last four more generations of vehicles from 1964 to 1987.

They are considered to be coupe utility vehicles, and it is more likely their unique design that has maintained their popularity, and simply for looks in that uncommon appearance sense, rather than for the original intended use of the low to the ground truck bed. The GMC version of this vehicle, initially named the Sprint for 1971 and 1972, was renamed the Caballero for the fifth generation run of production models from 1978 to 1987.

The first release in 1959 has little resemblance to the following models other than it’s unique coupe utility body design. It actually was given body contouring similar to the Chevy II or Chevy Bel Air from the 1950s. This model actually outsold the intended competition of the Ford Ranchero. However, sales of 1960 model plummeted. It was a much less flamboyant, 50s looking body styling and the car was subsequently pulled from the Chevy and GMC lineup.

Similar to the Chevy Corvair with a myriad of body style offerings, the 1964 Chevelle frame was used to house many different offerings, including the re-release of the El Camino and the Malibu. This second generation was not offered the Chevelle’s most powerful engine options initially, but this changed as more models rolled off the line.

The third generation El Camino, made from 1968 to 1972 was given a longer wheelbase by designing the car atop the Chevelle’s station wagon/4 door sedan frame. Bucket seats became available for this model and 1968 was the only model year of the third generation that offered the Super Sport or “SS” edition.

Keeping pace with the changes in the third generation, the fourth generation was even longer, as the Chevelle’s station wagon body became longer. Every model of this generation from 1973 to 1977 was offered in the “SS” edition. This model great increased the popularity for the El Camino overall.

However the fifth and final generation from 1978 to 1987 saw a steady and last decline in sales. The “SS” version was offered only in the 1978 year and has become a great collectors piece.

We have products to fit almost any El Camino from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th generation models. These are inexpensive attractive upgrades for center consoles and addition cup holders, providing much needed interior storage to your El Camino.

Available center consoles and other upgrades:

*1964-1965 El Camino Dashboard Plug & Chug Drink Holder

*1964-1972 Chevelle/El Camino Humphugger Console

*1964-1973 El Camino Humphugger Console

*1966-1967 Chevelle El Camino Dashboard Plug & Chug Drink Holder

*1968-1969 Chevelle/ El Camino Dashboard Plug & Chug Drink Holder

*1970-1972 Chevelle / El Camino Dashboard Plug & Chug (Non SS)

*1970-1972 Chevelle/El Camino SS Models Dash Plug & Chug Drink

*1979-1985 El Camino Dashboard Plug & Chug Drink Holder

*Chevy El Camino Console & Cup Holder (Floor Style)

*El Camino Bench Seat Console & Cup Holder