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Chrysler Consoles

Consoles and Cup Holders for Classic Chyslers

Since 1924 Chrysler Automotive has been designing their vehicles with purpose. Unfortunately, those designs may have left no room for your beverage or center console. Often, classic Chrysler models are designed for luxury and style. This can sometimes leave you without adequate storage space resulting in a messy vehicle or worse- a spilled drink. Some of the things you love most about your Chrysler may be the supreme comfort of a sprawling front bench seat or the way that transmission hump comes right up out of the floor and makes you feel like you're in the cockpit of a World War II fighter jet. We recognize you bought your Chrysler vehicle because you appreciate beauty in engineering and we don't want you to have to compromise that. These elegant products are specially designed to work with the beauty of your vehicle while providing you the convenience of a spacious storage area and large drink holders. Were you thinking about taking your gal out for a cruise but don't know where you'll put your root beer? Problem solved. These consoles can be installed in minutes. Going to an auto show this weekend? No problem! Our consoles are as easily removed as they are installed. Simply unstrap them and you're done (just don't forget to get your sunglasses out first). The best part is they are very inexpensive. In fact, this may well be the least expensive and most convenient part in your entire car! The question is, why haven't you bought one yet? The time you will save in keeping your vehicle clean and organized is well worth the investment.